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[News] Review of the Latest Linux-powered Yoggie

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Review: Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro  

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I loved the card.  It's really an amazing device and I was highly 
| impressed with it's feature set.  It also installed and ran first time, every 
| time, and did it's job without hickup, burp, or glitch.  In fact, you 
| couldn't even tell it was in the machine, because it consumed no resources 
| and didn't interfere with operations.  Ok, it consumed a tiny bit of 
| resources with communication and the drivers, but as far as the remaining 99% 
| of what it did, all of that was handled by the card itself.      



Hardware Review: Yoggie Open Soho Firewall

,----[ Quote ]
| The Yoggie Open Soho Firewall is a tiny, self contained, take with you
| anywhere firewall powered by a tiny hardened version of Linux that allows you
| to take your firewall with you wherever you go.


Linux powered Yoggie goes open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Yoggie says it will release the source code to its powerful firewall products
| in a full developer SDK, as well as source code to most of the applications
| on its platform to enable the open source and hobbyist coder community to try
| their own scripts and experiment in real time on their own pocket version of
| a hardware firewall.


Yoggie Pico

,----[ Quote ]
| Yoggie has a novel take on PC security -- rather than deal with anti-virus
| and parental control software that slows down your computer, just plug in
| this USB gadget. The Pico might look like flash storage, but it's actually a
| tiny Linux computer that polices your system. To really lock things down, you
| can make sure you PC won't get online without the Pico plugged in.

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