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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Gets the Jobs Done in Household

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Ubuntu - Using The Right Tool For The Job

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve had several business people ask me about using Ubuntu instead of Windows 
| and I’ve always steered them away for one reason.  Microsoft Office doesn’t 
| run on Ubuntu.  Yes, you can get Open Office and use that, or you could use 
| Google Docs.  But you will inevitably run into file sharing issues.  If you 
| are absolutely sure that you will  not need to share files with anyone using 
| Microsoft Office, and you meet all of the other requirements above, you might 
| want to consider Ubutu as well.      
| If you want to play with Ubutu on Windows, you CAN install it in a Virtual PC 
| environment to make sure it will do everything you need it to do before you 
| make the official switch.  



Ubuntu developers visiting Ubuntu Berlin and c-base - plus interview with Mark

,----[ Quote ]
| By chance the Ubuntu Developer Sprint happened to be in Berlin for the next
| Jaunty release this week. If I got it right, the Canonical Ubuntu developers
| meet five days around two weeks before a release feature freeze and work in
| groups and issues that need to be decided/designed or just fixed immediatly.
| The incredible Daniel Holbach had the idea of inviting the bunch of
| developers right into the c-base after their work. So he did and we scheduled
| it for an evening when the Ubuntu Berlin crew also meets at c-base for their
| monthly jour fix.


Interview with Ubuntu Developer Jordan Mantha

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve been working on Ubuntu since just before Breezy Badger was released
| (around September of 2005). I got involved with Edubuntu later on around May
| of 2006.


Keeping Tabs (Virtually) on the Ubuntu Developer Summit

,----[ Quote ]
| Are you an Ubuntu developer/Launchpad member who had fate conspire against
| you, keeping you from the the Ubuntu Developer Summit this week at the
| clandestine Google Crittenden Campus in Mountain View?

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