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[News] PyCon 2009 Coming, FOSDEM 2009 Coverage

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PyCon 2009 Takes Python to New Places

,----[ Quote ]
| *CHICAGO - February 10, 2009* - PyCon 2009, the seventh annual conference of 
| the worldwide Python programming community, has opened registration and 
| announced its list of accepted talks. The topics show Python appearing in a 
| variety of places outside its traditional realms.   


FOSDEM: Pride and Success in 2009

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| Over the weekend the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European 
| Meeting (FOSDEM) took place in Brussels. In his keynote, Mozilla's Mark 
| Surman hoped for Open Source's success and Debian key contributor Bdale 
| Garbee supported its social contract. As an aside, Debian Lenny's target 
| release date was reconfirmed.    



,----[ Quote ]
| The volunteer organisers of the "Free and Open Source Developers' European 
| Meeting" (FOSDEM 2009) demonstrated the fine art of scalability with a very 
| well organised event. 250 talks for 5000 developers arriving from all over 
| Europe, were held with very few problems. If such an event can have a general 
| technical hot topic, then it was the omnipresent netbook and any number of 
| Android mobiles: open source can slim down, be purged of non-essentials, 
| start faster and look forward to a buoyant open future, running as a stable 
| OS on many new small devices.       



South Africa at Fosdem 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Walter Leibbrandt and Friedel Wolff of South African localisation specialists
| Translate.org.za attended this weekend’s Fosdem 2009 conference in Belguim.
| They sent Tectonic their thoughts on the two-day European FOSS gathering:
| Day 1
| Fosdem 2009 started! We attended the beer event last night in the centre of
| Brussels and apparently the bill at midnight was already close to €10 000. We
| were tired after the flight, so we didn’t hang around until 03:00 like some
| people apparently did. Several people came to greet us and we also had a
| random question about what the country domain of Translate.org.za on our
T-shirts was
| for.


FOSDEM - the hordes

,----[ Quote ]
| Hordes of unpaid volunteers. Bunches of open source professionals. Lots of
| freedom activists. You get what you pay for. So this is what you get at
| FOSDEM. For free.

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