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[News] Microsoft Messes with People's Heads, GNU/Linux Recovers Them

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Linux Versus the Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Recent articles I have read by people complaining about how things on Linux 
| do not work like they do on Microsoft led me to coin the phrase Microsoft  
| Trained Brain Syndrome (MTBS). The problem is that people who have lived, 
| worked, and played in a homogeneous Microsoft computing paradigm are lost and 
| confused when they encounter a different paradigm. These people have only 
| seen the flawed Microsoft ideology for how computing systems should work and 
| so have a difficult time with more elegant systems based on Unix. They see 
| the Linux system with its’ own paradigm and ideology and try to force it into 
| the only paradigm they know, which is Microsoft’s. This will always cause the 
| user problems.        


Linux Or Windows? Do Your Homework.

,----[ Quote ]
| I get a a lot of terrific comments on this blog. One visitor, colonelcrayon, 
| left a comment regarding the security issues with Windows and Linux.   He 
| said, "As I've already commented multiple times, security is almost entirely 
| up to the user. A competent user is never in danger."   



Linux is Making Me Fat and Lazy

,----[ Quote ]
| Because of Linux I hardly have to lift a finger anymore, and because of it my
| health is suffering. I rarely hop up and down in a fit of temper, I don't
| have to drive to the store to buy software, and I don't get the aerobic
| benefits of spending hours on the phone with tech support, breathing hard and
| accelerating my heartbeat. I rarely make site visits anymore. I don't even
| leave my chair, because I log in and do fixes and admin chores from home. I
| even have my remaining tiny herd of Windows users (close relatives only who
| bribe me handsomely) set up with VNC over SSH, Cygwin/SSH, or rdesktop. I
| alone have the passwords, mwahaha.

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