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[News] Lists of Great GNU/Linux Applications

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10 Most Awesome Linux Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| I know, I know.  Not another blog post that lists the “top 10 something or 
| other”.  But bear with me. 
| I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a given application awesome.  
| I use a lot of applications every day, many I couldn’t do my job without… but  
| not all of them are awesome. 
| It’s hard to describe just what “awesome” is.  It could be the reliability of 
| something.  Or the sheer joy it brings when you use it.  Or that it does 
| something truly unique and inspiring.  
| With that in mind… my list of the top 10 most awesome applications for the 
| Linux desktop (in no particular order). 


23 Useful System Applications for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I earlier wrote about  Top 5 BitTorrent Clients for Ubuntu Linux, 7 Awesome 
| 3D Graphic Design Applications for Linux , 23 Free Ubuntu Linux Login Screens 
| and Top 10 Free Video Editors for Linux . It’s always great to have Linux 
| Alternatives to popular applications so I’ve decided to write about some of 
| the most useful System applications for Linux including Cd burners, Aniti 
| Virus, FTP solutions and instant messengers that you can download today.     


50 Tutorials To Get You Started With Gimp

,----[ Quote ]
| Gimp has been famously known as the “poor man’s Photoshop”, and perhaps 
| rightfully so. That’s a complement Gimp won’t mind taking. While it would be 
| an unfair comparison to make between Gimp and Photoshop, Gimp can easily meet 
| needs of most amateur image editors out there and then some. Since its 
| release in 1995 Gimp has come a long way in to being the most powerful image 
| editing tool freely available out there. With these tutorials we hope to 
| vanish some of the doubts you might have had about Gimp’s ability as a 
| powerful image editor.       



26 Open Source Security Apps with Commercial Support

,----[ Quote ]
| [O]pen source developers want to find a way to make money from their
| projects. On the other hand, many application users, particularly enterprise
| users, are looking for applications with fee-based support. Rightly or
| wrongly, they feel that paying a fee brings greater accountability, and often
| these users lack the skills to manage open source apps on their own and would
| rather pay someone else to do it.

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