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[News] SCALE Starts Shortly, Red Hat to Attend

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Red Hat and the Fedora Project to Present at Southern California Linux Expo

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| The rise of software patents continues to pose challenges for free and open 
| source software (FOSS) developers, including the difficulties of clearing 
| patents and the risk of patent litigation. In his presentation ? Patents and 
| Open Source After Bilski,? Rob Tiller, vice president and assistant general 
| counsel, IP for Red Hat, will explore the legal issues raised by patent law 
| for FOSS developers and users. Tiller will provide an overview for 
| non-lawyers on exclusionary patent rights and contrast those with the open 
| collaboration culture of FOSS. He will also discuss the recent Bilski 
| decision of the U.S. Federal Circuit, and how that decision might improve the 
| current problem of software patents facing FOSS developers.         


Preview: Three Trends At Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)

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| As the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) prepares to kick-off February 
| 20 in Los Angeles, The VAR Guy did some preliminary poking around. He wanted 
| to see if there were any key trends worth nothing for open source solutions 
| providers. The result? Take a look at these three anticipated trends and 
| themes from SCALE.    



SCaLE 7x is Open for Registration

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| The Demonstrating Open-Source Health Care Solutions
| conference will be held at the SCaLE venue during the
| conference, but as it is run by a third party, those
| wishing to attend will need to register with the DOHCS
| organizers.

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