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[News] More Open Source Releases, Deployments

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XAware at the Heart of New Mexico’s Innovative Public Safety Information
Sharing Program

,----[ Quote ]
| XAware, Inc., a leading provider of commercial open source data integration 
| software, today announced its solution is a critical component in a public 
| safety information sharing program operated by the State of New Mexico’s 
| Justice Information Sharing Council (JISC) under the New Mexico Sentencing 
| Commission. XAware’s data integration capabilities enable New Mexico to 
| operate an innovative system for accessing and sharing information from 
| criminal agencies in a way that is secure, efficient and cost-effective.      


AccesStream Moves One Step Closer to a Version 1 General Availability Release

,----[ Quote ]
| AccesStream, a provider of open source enterprise identity access management 
| and security solutions, is pleased to announce the beta 2 release of its 
| identity access management solution to the open source community. The Beta 2 
| release is the second of three beta releases to culminate with the Version 1 
| general availability release at the beginning of April. The source code is 
| available for immediate download and testing from AccesStream’s website. This 
| open source initiative will allow developers worldwide to participate in the 
| progress of the Accesstream project.       


"The government is not trying to destroy Microsoft, it’s simply seeking to
compel Microsoft to obey the law. It’s quite revealing that Mr. Gates equates
the two."

                --Government official


Free software isn't freeware: why Linux and FOSS have a higher standard

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's recent survey proclaimed nearly half the population believe it is
| ok to use pirated software for personal use. This diminishes the argument by
| Linux advocates that you can use their operating system without any cost.
| Yet, you can't confuse free as in cost with free as in freedom. Here's what
| FOSS really means.
| [...]
| Worse, when the company ceased it was no longer possible to get maintenance
| even if you agreed to the fee. So, when your current license period lapsed
| that was it; businesses had possibly years and years of important information
| which was plain and simply no longer accessible. Even though it was their own
| data.
| By stark contrast, if a FOSS program went belly-up you’d never be stuck. Your
| documents, your data, your information would be available forever because the
| specifications are always available – as encoded within the program source
| code.
| Once again, you don’t have to be a programmer for this to benefit you. You
| might be the CEO of a major business. However, you can find someone – even if
| you need to hire them – to help out. You can rest easy that your electronic
| data can always be opened if it has been stored in a FOSS file format.
| Remember, just because FOSS has the word “free” in it, it’s not the same as
| freeware. FOSS may not cost anything but it’s “free” in a broader sense. It’s
| free to use in any way you require. More than this, it’s free from risk.

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