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[News] Loads of Excellent News for LiMo Linux Consortium

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Global Mobile Operators Confirm Commitment to Widely Deploy LiMo Handsets

,----[ Quote ]
| LiMo Foundation(TM) today announced commitment from six major operator 
| members to specify and deliver handsets using LiMo Platform(TM) 
| implementations in 2009. The LiMo Platform represents the vision, inputs and 
| best-in-breed contributions of major stakeholders from across the mobile 
| industry, enabling operators worldwide to leverage a standard set of 
| market-proven OS technologies across many devices while providing deeply 
| customized experiences to their customers.      


BONDI gives mobile widgets a day in the sun

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Mobile Terminal Alliance has launched version one of its 
| Web-2.0-widget platform BONDI with a reference implementation, software 
| developer's kit and endorsements from Opera and the other Linux consortium.  
| BONDI is a selection of extensions to ECMAScript (the scripting language 
| formally, and informally, known as JavaScript) to give digitally-signed 
| scripts access to phone functions, including location, contacts, camera and 
| messaging functions - enabling a scripted application to integrate with the 
| phone environment in just the way that iPhone WebApps failed to do.    


LiMo Foundation Gets Ready for Next-generation Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| The next version of the Linux-based mobile platform LiMo is getting closer to 
| launch and a number of operators are promising handsets during 2009, the LiMo 
| Foundation announced Monday.  


Linux Phones on Tap for 2009 from Verizon, Others

,----[ Quote ]
| Your next cheap phone might be a Linux phone – but you might never know it. 
| The LiMo Foundation announced Monday that Verizon Wireless and other global 
| carriers will be rolling out Linux-based phones in 2009, possibly including 
| low-cost devices capable of running advanced Web apps.   


LiMo To Ring In Low-Cost Linux Phones

,----[ Quote ]
| The LiMo Foundation, a loose federation of global carriers that includes 
| industry heavyweights such as Verizon and Vodafone, said on Monday that 
| several of its member companies plan to roll out low-cost Linux-based phones 
| by the end of this year.   



LiMo-compliant mobile stack gets touchy

,----[ Quote ]
| Azingo announced a touch-enabled version of its LiMo (Linux Mobile)-compliant
| Azingo Mobile middleware and browser stack. Destined for use on
| Vodafone-delivered handsets, Azingo Mobile 2.0 offers a new runtime,
| homescreen interface, browser, and UI toolkit that together enable a
| smartphone-ready touchscreen- and web-widgets interface.


T-Mobile Drops The Mother of All Bombshells - More G Series in ‘09!

,----[ Quote ]
| In a Fierce Wireless interview dated earlier today, T-Mobile let slip a real
| doozy.  Apparently the 4th largest carrier in the US is not going to rest on
| the laurels of the G1.


Motorola ditching Windows Mobile?

,----[ Quote ]
| Rumour has it that Motorola is ditching the Windows Mobile platform for its
| smartphone handsets in favour of Google's new Linux-based Android.
| As reported over on BetaNews, the company has announced to the State of
| Florida that it is to shut down its Windows Mobile development centre in
| Plantation, Florida – with 77 jobs for the chop as a result, added on to the
| 4,000 jobs the company has already 'restructured' this month.

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