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[News] Linux Climbs Fast in Phones with Support of Giant Companies

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Telefonica, other telcos to launch Linux phones

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the largest mobile operators in the world, Telefonica (TEF.MC), joined 
| wireless Linux foundation LiMo on Monday and committed with five other major 
| operators to sell phones using its software this year.  
| Vodafone (VOD.L), Orange (FTE.PA), Japan's NTT DoCoMo (9437.T), Korea's SK 
| Telecom (017670.KS), and the top U.S. operator Verizon Wireless will also 
| introduce phones using LiMo software in 2009, the operators said in a joint 
| statement ahead of Mobile World Congress trade show next week in Barcelona.   
| "With a host of operators pledging to deliver handsets in 2009, we expect 
| LiMo to start making real tangible progress in 2010," said Geoff Blaber, an 
| analyst at research firm CCS Insight.  


Six carriers promise LiMo phones in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Six major global operators today affirmed their expectation of shipping 
| mobile phones based on the Linux Mobile Foundation's (LiMo's) flavor of Linux 
| during 2009. LiMo, meanwhile, announced its second, more ambitious spec, five 
| compliant royalty-free reference implementations, and two powerful new board 
| members, global mobile operators Telefónica and SK Telecom.    



Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developers

,----[ Quote ]
| The free and open source software community has been
| waiting for the G1 cell phone since it was first announced
| in July. Source code for Google's Android mobile platform
| has been available, but the G1 marks its commercial debut.
| It's clearly a good device, but is it what Linux boosters
| and FOSS advocates have long been anticipating?


New Androids march into view

,----[ Quote ]
| New vendors are lining up to deliver an Android phone in
| 2009, while Google is planning an update to the software --
| and gave around 18000 of the first-generation phones to its
| staff as a Christmas present.


Google's Android: It's not just for phones


Smartphones strong, despite recession

,----[ Quote ]
| Forward Concepts also suggests that Linux's current share (11 percent) has
| been given a boost by the Android-based HTC G1 (pictured).

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