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[News] Linux Phones Challenge the iPhone

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Can the $99 iPhone beat off 40 new Androids? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Are you an Android or an iPhone? Maybe you are undecided, which could be he 
| best position to be in as it seems that the smartphone market is set to be 
| spoilt for choice in 2009. It would appear that Apple is set to release no 
| less than three new iPhones this year while the competing Android powered 
| camp could be flooded with no less than 40 new handsets.    



iPhone Linux Hack: What It Means

,----[ Quote ]
| Until now, few people have bothered to replace operating systems running on
| their smartphones, the way they already replace their Windows with Linux on
| PCs. Mobile operating system vendors like Microsoft grew their market shares
| by striking deals with handset makers and carriers to integrate their
| software into the carriers’ line-ups.


Linux finally loaded onto iPhone!

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux fans who have been waiting for Linux to come the iPhone and iPod Touch
| need wait no longer – the breakthrough has finally been made, years after
| Linux found its way onto earlier iPod models. There’s a way to go before the
| project is mature, with plenty of things, including touchscreen support, yet
| to come. Still - Linux on the iPhone is here, at last!


First steps for Linux on iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux on the iPhone project has released the first results of its work.
| The current port of Linux includes a bootloader, OpeniBoot, which allows the
| user to select booting either the iPhone OS or the Linux port. This first
| port is very limited though, as the demonstration video that has been
| released shows, there is no touchscreen support for interacting with the
| device; instead a USB console is used to type commands.



The iPhone Is Now Doomed

,----[ Quote ]
| I cannot claim to be a developer, but I have been watching the whole iPhone
| application development issues with interest. As of today’s news, it appears
| that the iPhone development process is like this:
|    1. Ask Apple for permission to make an application.
|    2. Sign a non-disclosure agreement.
|    3. Invest time and money into an iPhone application.
|    4. Ask Apple for permission to sell or give away your application.
|    5. If Apple says YES: start making money and hope Apple does not change
|       their minds.
|       If Apple says NO: shut up and deal with it. If you say anything, Apple
|       can sue you, further raising the wasted investment money.

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