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Re: Microsoft's secret deals on open source

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____/ Terry Porter on Monday 09 February 2009 00:52 : \____

> nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> <snip>
>> ...Microsoft's trick of gaining revenue from licensing open-source
>> software behind closed doors will smell more and more like extortion.
>> As the economy sours and curdles, the values of trust and
>> accountability will prove to be worth far more than a handful of
>> dollars in secret taxation raised on other people's software.
>> </Quote>
>> http://news.zdnet.co.uk/leader/0,1000002982,39612309,00.htm
> Just like SCO, and just like SCO, the details will leak out eventually.

That's the main theme I've been keeping track of since 2006 (but not in COLA).

Microsoft realises it needs to generate revenue streams. Racketeering is not
the way to go and intellectual monopolies are mythical in this case and
generally valid only in very few countries that got corrupted.

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