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Re: Google shows you are probably lying, Roy

On Mon, 09 Feb 2009 00:12:39 +0100, above the shrieking & whining of the
trolls, Peter Köhlmann was heard to say:

> Hadron wrote:
>> Don Zeigler <sitting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Hadron wrote:
>>>> And the usual Liarnut "let me blow you" sucking up to "advocate mode"
>>>> that makes him such a miserable little slime ball at the best of
>>>> times.
>>>> You need to stop giving the little wimp the benefit of the doubt. He's
>>>> trying to slur you here now and he will do it again. He has no morals
>>>> and is a mealy mouthed fraud.
>>> Do you say crap like that to peoples' faces? I would wager "no". Why?
>>> Because you know someone would stomp a mudhole in your little pansy
>>> ass.
>> Yes I would actually if I worked with someone that was dishonest and
>> told lies about other team members.
>> If he told the truth I wouldn't mind. But he doesn't. That whole "Hadron
>> does not use Debian" thing AFTER I *politely* corrected his advice in
>> the debian NG still rankles. And lately the way he has taken to
>> supporting "advocates" regardless of the truth is simply astonishing.
> You not only have never run Debian, you have never run *any* linux Your
> badly wanting "knowledge" on even basic issues of linux will not suggest
> any other possibility. You simply know *next* *to* *nothing* about linux
> Even flatfish Gary Stewart knows more. And, for that  matter, DumbFullShit

Here was another classic from "There is no England" Half-wit Hadron:

"....getting high performance Video cards working is a damn sight 
easier on XP because the installers are better.
Debian/Ubuntu are a pain in the hole  - you need to recompile the latest
NVidia drivers using a set version of the compiler, for example, when
changing kernels." 
Message-ID:   <c9rks4-gc7.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Uh, yeah......riiiiight. So someone who purported to use Ubuntu didn't
know about the Restricted Drivers Manager, or 'Envy'. 

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