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[News] [Rival] Windows Mobile Claimed on Its Death Throes

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Motorola, Microsoft In Suicide Pact

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead, it's cutting back even further. After announcing last year that it 
| would support just two operating systems, Windows Mobile and Android, it is 
| laying off Windows Mobile engineers, indicating that Motorola is going to 
| focus exclusively on Android.   
| This is not only another sign that Microsoft's decline is accelerating; 
| Microsoft is behaving like an animal in its death throes, showing little 
| interest in pursuing new prey.   


Is Window Mobile On Its Last Legs?

,----[ Quote ]
| Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of the mobile open source company Funambol, has all 
| but declared Windows Mobile dead in a recent blog entry. Is he right, or is 
| there still life left in the mobile platform from Microsoft?  


Linux is modular by design. With many programmers lost in Microsoft, they won't
be able to maintain all those clumsy forks.


Calling the death of Windows Mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of open-source mobile leader Funambol, has more or
| less declared that Windows Mobile is dying. Indeed, it's arguably the case
| that the proprietary software model, generally, is largely dead in mobile.


Is it time to ditch Windows Mobile?

,----[ Quote ]
| The biggest problem for Windows Mobile has always been that it's bloated and
| runs too slowly. It's just a beat or two (well, maybe more) behind the iPhone
| OS in terms of zippiness and it probably doesn't help that HTC throws its own
| carrier-centric, custom user interface on top of the OS.


Can Microsoft make its future mobile?

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple is minting it with its sleek but expensive iPhone. And only a few
| months ago internet search giant Google entered the field with its
| Linux-based Android software, designed to power internet-savvy mobile phones.
| [...]
| But the real Achilles heel of Microsoft's devices was their abysmal user
| interface - firmly wedded to the look and feel of old-fashioned computer
| desktops, a concept that doesn't work on small screens.


Does Microsoft prefer the iPhone to Windows Mobile?

,----[ Quote ]
| Who would have thunked it, not only has Microsoft released a dedicated iPhone
| application but it has not yet developed a version for the Windows Mobile
| platform.


Windows Mobile: What Microsoft Needs to Fix

,----[ Quote ]
| The threats don't end there. While Windows Mobile shipments continue to grow,
| its share could slip if, as expected, Apple begins to sell its iPhone through
| Wal-Mart (WMT), the world's largest retailer. And T-Mobile G1, a phone based
| on Android, an operating system backed by Google (GOOG), has met with popular
| demand


Microsoft's mobile strategy has gone missing

,----[ Quote ]
| Against this background, Microsoft's continued tardiness in developing its
| own mobile strategy gets more worrying. At the company's Professional
| Developers Conference recently, Windows Mobile was notable by its absence —
| and not for the first time. No clear guidance has been given for the next
| major revision of the software, and the trends are not good. It is now
| commonplace for flagship Windows Mobile handsets to come with a non-Microsoft
| web browser — a sign that something is badly broken.


Microsoft falls behind in mobiles

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer - in Sydney the other day for a
| software developers conference - was quick to pour scorn on Google's new
| Android mobile phone system when he turned up at a Telstra investor briefing.


Windows Mobile - Like Being Dropped in a Toilet

,----[ Quote ]
| But it wasn't until the gal was dumped into the soup that I noticed the
| Windows Mobile ad. Because Microsoft, having failed to win hearts and minds
| with the drug-induced Seinfeld episodes (they were way too long to be mere
| commercials), figured that the next best thing was to buy ad space on the rim
| of something that reminds you of a potty. Stay classy, Microsoft!


iPhone 2.x Beats Windows Mobile 6.x into Coma

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows Mobile's star is rapidly falling. Coming into 2008, RIM pushed
| Microsoft out of second place for smart phone operating systems, according to
| Gartner. Apple has surely knocked Microsoft into fourth place. The question:
| Is it fourth behind RIM or Apple? That depends on whether Apple snatched
| second place from RIM.


Why Windows Mobile will die.

,----[ Quote ]
| So it's my job to tell you, then, that Windows Mobile is probably
| doomed.


Why Windows Mobile Is In Trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently it was revealed that the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile
| operating system, Windows Mobile 7.0, would be delayed until as late as 2010.
| The updated version, which the company’s partners had reportedly been hoping
| to have by early 2009, was aimed at giving Microsoft a bigger presence on the
| mobile stage. But delay or no delay, I don’t think it would have been enough.
| With competition from a resurgent BlackBerry platform from Research in
| Motion, Apple’s iPhone and most importantly, the Google Phone platform (I
| will analyze Nokia’s Symbian platform in a separate post at a later date),
| Microsoft’s mobile platform is facing its toughest environment yet.
| [...]
| Sometime later this month, the G-1 will go on sale and people (at least those
| in the U.S.) will be able to experience the difference between a Windows
| Mobile- and an Android-based phone for themselves. Of course, some will find
| the shortcomings of the Google Phone — and according to Mossberg, there are
| many — grating. Others, like me, will be suitably impressed. And if they’re
| impressed enough, most handset makers will want to join the party.


Windows Mobile misses annual shipment target

,----[ Quote ]
| Lees, a veteran Microsoft executive who moved from the Server & Tools unit in
| February, attributed the lower-than-projected Windows Mobile sales to some
| devices coming to market slightly later than previously expected. He declined
| to say which ones.



Microsoft Hides Its Mobile and Business Apps Divisions

,----[ Quote ]
| The company is folding its two worst-performing divisions -- Microsoft
| Business Solutions (its business applications unit) and its Mobile and
| Embedded units -- into the Microsoft Business Division and Microsoft Home
| and Entertainment units, respectively.


Cryptome: NSA has access to Windows Mobile smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| First time in history Cryptome.org has released information about the
| characteristics of NSA’s network surveillance.

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