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[News] [SOT] Freedom Alert: Land of the Cameras

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Lords: rise of CCTV is threat to freedom

,----[ Quote ]
| The steady expansion of the "surveillance society" risks undermining 
| fundamental freedoms including the right to privacy, according to a House of 
| Lords report published today.  


Days ago:

Britain's surveillance culture undermines democracy

,----[ Quote ]
| BRITAIN IS BEGINNING to sharply resemble Orwell's vision of a Big Brother
| society. While most of us living here have known it for some while, even the
| doddery old duffers in the House of Lords have now noticed.


Carnival on Modern Liberty No. 2

,----[ Quote ]
| Tom Griffin (London, OK): Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival on
| Modern Liberty, chronicling the online debate in the run up to the Convention
| on Modern Liberty at the end of the month.
| It's been a week that has highlighted the state's interest in diverse areas
| of our private lives, especially our online activities. There's good news for
| file-sharers though, as long as they're not dowloading comics...


A Tale of Two Consultations

,----[ Quote ]
| I'd like to urge you similarly to comment on Lord Carter’s *interim* report
| on Digital Britain: if it's “interim”, that suggests it will be iterated,
| drawing on feedback. But in contrast to the excellent Power of Information
| Taskforce site, there seems to be no easy way to offer paragraph by paragraph
| comments on Digital Britain. Instead, many people (like myself) have simply
| posted an overall view on the report.


European ID card data is not encrypted

,----[ Quote ]
| None of the data stored on identity cards in the European Union is encrypted,
| according to a study by the European Network and Information Security Agency.

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