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Re: Google shows you are probably lying, Roy

After takin' a swig o' grog, Peter Köhlmann belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Hadron wrote:
>> If he told the truth I wouldn't mind. But he doesn't. That whole "Hadron
>> does not use Debian" thing AFTER I *politely* corrected his advice in
>> the debian NG still rankles. And lately the way he has taken to
>> supporting "advocates" regardless of the truth is simply astonishing.
> You not only have never run Debian, you have never run *any* linux
> Your badly wanting "knowledge" on even basic issues of linux will not 
> suggest any other possibility. You simply know *next* *to* *nothing* about 
> linux

Hadron is a disgusting, insulting, liar.  I agree with you now completely,
Peter.  Hadron is /filth/.  He may well be insane, too.  His name-calling
and lying are spiralling out of control now.

Anyway, his lies about what I told COLA after he "corrected me" in a debian
newsgroup aside, I'm more convinced than ever that he merely Googled up a
response to that newsgroup, as well as his nasty, insinuating, and lying
responses to various Linux and OSS-related topics of discussion here.
Since the "debian" exchange, he's written nothing, informative or otherwise,
on those types of newsgroups, that I know of.

And here?  Just about every statement he's made, except for very obvious
ones, or opinions, has been pretty much cut to shreds.

He's stated he trolls; he /likes/ pissing people off.  His actions well bear
that out.  What more is needed?

Even were he a poster of useful knowledge of Linux issues, to the point
where it is indisputable that he knows Linux well, it wouldn't matter.
It wouldn't matter were he Linus Torvalds himself.  His name-calling,
sneering, references to low sexual acts, chronic claims of "liar",
his nasty insults, are quite sufficient to brand him as a person of ill
repute, not to be trusted in any way.

His own words pin that to his Anonymous Coward's Usenet handle.

I don't care who he's helped elsewhere.  Here, Hadron is a filthy poster.

> Even flatfish Gary Stewart knows more. And, for that  matter, DumbFullShit

Well, Hadron has not yet tried to plant fake stories about people's
castration, so he's still a cut above some other trolls on that one.
I suspect something like that is brewing in the tepid sewer that is
Hadron's mind.

The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being but to remind him that
he is already degraded.
		-- George Orwell

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