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[News] Mozilla Chief Comments on Response to Microsoft's Crimes

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Enter the Lizard

,----[ Quote ]
| At a time when Microsoft is increasing its lobbying, and seeking to hire 
| people specifically to monitor - and presumably fight - open source, it is 
| absolutely vital that powerful organisations like Mozilla take the initiative 
| by engaging directly with governments and other relevant bodies.   


The European Commission and Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month the European Commission stated its preliminary conclusion 
| that “Microsoft’s tying of Internet Explorer to the Windows operating system 
| harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and 
| ultimately reduces consumer choice.”   
| In my mind, there is absolutely no doubt that the statement above is correct. 
| Not the single smallest iota of doubt. I’ve been involved in building and 
| shipping web browsers continuously since before Microsoft started developing 
| IE, and the damage Microsoft has done to competition, innovation, and the 
| pace of the web development itself is both glaring and ongoing. There are 
| separate questions of whether there is a good remedy, and what that remedy 
| might be. But questions regarding an appropriate remedy do not change the 
| essential fact. Microsoft’s business practices have fundamentally diminished 
| (in fact, came very close to eliminating) competition, choice and innovation 
| in how people access the Internet.         


Quote for the day:

"To me, Bill is the great white shark that looks at minnows with no more
consciousness than we look at a plate of food. The shark has no soul. The
shark knows no boundaries. All it has is an appetite. When the shark gets
hungry, it thinks “I’m hungry”, so it eats."

                                --Mitch Kertzman, former CEO of Sybase


Ten years of Mozilla

,----[ Quote ]
| Ten years ago, Netscape announced it would release to the public the code of
| its flag ship product, Netscape Communicator 5, making it an open source
| product. The action came at a time when Netscape was still the dominant web
| browser: 65 million users and 90% market share in the educational segment
| according to Netscape’s own accounts. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was
| grabbing share at a furious pace thanks to it being free (at a time Netscape
| was about$30) and specially the fact that it came bundled with Windows 95 and
| upcoming Windows 98 (released on June 1998).      


Gates deposition videos

,----[ Quote ]
| Boies: Do you remember that in January, 1996, a lot of OEMs were
| bundling non-Microsoft browsers?
| Gates: I'm not sure.
| Boies: What were the non-Microsoft browsers that you were
| concerned about in January of 1996?
| Gates: What's the question? You're trying to get me to recall
| what other browsers I was thinking about when I wrote that sentence?
| Boies: No, because you've told me that you don't know what you
| were thinking about when you wrote that sentence.
| Gates: Right.
| Boies: What I'm trying to do is get you to tell me what
| non-Microsoft browsers you were concerned about in January of
| 1996. If it had been only one, I probably would have used the
| name of it. Instead I seem to be using the term non-Microsoft
| browsers. My question is what non-Microsoft browsers were you
| concerned about in January of 1996?
| Gates: I'm sure -- what's the question? Is it -- are you asking
| me about when I wrote this e-mail or what are you asking me about?
| Boies: I'm asking you about January of 1996.
| Gates: That month?
| Boies: Yes, sir.
| Gates: And what about it?
| Boies: What non-Microsoft browsers were you concerned about in
| January of 1996?
| Gates: I don't know what you mean "concerned."
| Boies: What is it about the word "concerned" that you don't
| understand?
| Gates: I'm not sure what you mean by it.


Gates Deposition Audio and Video

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is our local copy of the depositions of Bill Gates in the
| Microsoft anti-trust suit. We did our best to convert the
| original Windows Media files into an Open format, ogg. Your
| webmaster is responsible for the video transcoding, the
| audio-only files are contributed by a Groklaw member that
| requested to stay anonymous.


,----[ Quote ]
| From:       Bill Gates
| Sent:       Saturday, December 05, 1989 9:44 AM
| To:         Bob Muglia (Exchange); Jon DeVaan; Steven Sinofsky
| Cc:         Paul Mariz
| Subject:    Office rendering
| One thing we have got to change is our strategy -- allowing Office
| documents to be rendered very well by OTHER PEOPLES BROWSERS is one of the
| most destructive things we could do to the company.
| We have to stop putting any effort into this and make sure that Office
| documents very well depends on PROPRIETARY IE capabilities.
| Anything else is suicide for our platform. This is a case where Office has
| to  to destroy Windows.


,----[ Quote ]
| "3. INTERNET EXPLORER: Unless specifically requested to the contrary
| by the end user of the Customer System and provided proper
| translation is available, COMPANY will ship MS Internet Explorer
| 2.0, and the most current subsequent higher version Product
| Releases and Version Releases thereof, preinstalled on all
| new Customer Systems..."

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