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[News] CSS Gets Animation Support (Bye, Flash)

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Support for CSS animations added to WebKit nightly build

,----[ Quote ]
| The WebKit team has been working on improving the CSS standard and recently 
| added support for "explicit" keyframe-based animations to the nightly builds 
| of WebKit, giving developers a powerful way to animate styles without having 
| to use other animation tools.   


Together with Ogg, such developments will render 'binaries' obsolete..

Opera says next JavaScript engine will be fastest around

,----[ Quote ]
| Carakan (pronounced Tsharakan) is now 2.5 times faster than Futhark, the 
| JavaScript engine in the Opera 10 browser. It could be even faster when 
| ready, the company said. The company plans to release Carakan as soon as 
| possible in an as-yet-undetermined version of the Opera browser.   



Mozilla Grant will help Wikipedia Support Video

,----[ Quote ]
| The proliferation of standards-based video sharing and collaboration is set
| to take off with a $US100,000 grant from the Mozilla Foundation to fund the
| development of the Ogg Theora video codec and server-side streaming software.
| Wikimedia developer Michael Dale announced the sponsorship during a
| presentation on Wikipedia's video content initiatives at this year's
| Linux.conf.au conference in Hobart.


Ask Apple to Support Ogg on iPod/iTunes

,----[ Quote ]
| Please ask Apple to support Ogg on their iPods, iPhones, and iTunes! It
| wouldn't hurt to also sign this petition (and maybe this one), though I don't
| know how strongly they'd influence Apple. Here's why, as good news and bad
| news.


Firefox 3.1 beta 1 adds support for OGG formats

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s going to be easier to use this format if millions of users will be able
| to play it without adding additional plugins. This is really a major
| milestone for open standards on the web. The pressure on patented formats
| like the whole MPEG4 family will increase.


Ogg on the Rise

,----[ Quote ]
| And things are looking up on the audio front as well, with more and more
| sites casting Ogg Vorbis streams and downloads. The Canadian Broadcasting
| Corporation has been streaming Ogg for quite some time (CBC Radio 1, 2, and
| 3), as well as Germany's Deutschlandradio. More recently the U.S. National
| Public Radio station affiliate, WBUR Boston has begun streaming Ogg Vorbis.
| And, after a brief visit to New Zealand last August by Richard Stallman, we
| received word from Radio New Zealand that they had begun providing Oggcasts
| of much of their programming.


Firefox to Support Open Video Format in Next Release

,----[ Quote ]
| Chris Blizzard reports from this week’s Mozilla Summit: Firefox will natively
| support the Ogg Theora video format!

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