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[News] Fedora 11 Includes Major New Features, New Community Liaison

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Fedora 11 Alpha now ships with Windows cross compiler

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, Red Hat's Fedora Project division announces that it has released its 
| new Fedora 11 Alpha version, and has provided OS Today with some of its main 
| features.  
| Fedora's newest release includes a number of new features including the new 
| Windows Cross Compiler and a development release of Gnome 2.26 as the default 
| desktop.  
| “The new Fedora ver. 11 Alpha should boot on the majority of systems, and 
| provides a look at what new features are to be included in the next release,” 
| Fedora’s Jesse Keating said today in an emailed announcement.  


Fedora 11 alpha - and a new community liaison

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora has also brought in Adam Williamson as a community liaison. "I am 
| working for Red Hat as of this Monday. I have been hired into the Fedora QA 
| team essentially to drive community involvement in the Fedora QA process. 
| RH - and, to put a more personal touch on it, Jay Turner, who's responsible 
| for Fedora QA - felt that Fedora could really benefit from more community 
| involvement in the QA process, so my role is to try and help develop that." 
| Adam previously did community work for Mandriva.      



Ten Reasons to Get Fired Up Over Fedora 10 Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the next week we plan to post a series of blogs that explore ten
| examples from around our community, of people making a difference to free
| software through their work in Fedora. These are just ten of the many reasons
| you’ll want to fire up Fedora 10 and take it for a spin on your system. We’ll
| dive into some of the cool features that have been developed in this release,
| as well as some of the advances that have spread throughout the Fedora
| community. We’ll show off the collaboration that happens between volunteer
| contributors and Red Hat’s engineering staff to advance free software. And
| you’ll see why Fedora leads the pack in providing the future first.



Migration to Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| Every time when user wants to try something different, many unanswered
| questions raised. Is is good? Why should I migrate, I am satisfied from my
| operating system now. Could I lose data on my computer? Is it possible just
| to see that thing and if I like it I would give it a try?
| Yes, now it is possible. Take a virtual migration tour with screenshots in
| just a few clicks. Do not try anything until you liked it! When you are
| completely sure about that, then you would migrate on real.


Fedora on the Final Frontier

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been a long standing rumor regarding NASA running Fedora which all
| of us in the Fedora community have been always intrigued by. Is it true? What
| are they doing with it there? Why don't they run RHEL. Fortunately enough, a
| couple of weeks ago, I got to experience NASA behind the scenes, first hand,
| and hang out with the coolest members of the Fedora community, and find out
| the answer to these questions and lots more.

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