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Re: [News] Old PCs Destined to Good Modern GNU/Linux

Following a large swig of Johnny Walker Red, Roy Schestowitz pounded
out this gem...
> Having Good Functional Running Old PC's
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| A lot of us have old PCs stuck in the corners of classrooms, machines we just 
>| canâ??t afford to replace and whose owners just canâ??t do without. At the same 
>| time, a lot of us are acquiring netbooks and inexpensive hardware instead of 
>| investing in the latest and greatest â??Vista-capableâ?? computers. Normally for 
>| FOSS people like me its a YEHEY think to put in Linux in those running Boxes.    
> `----

FWIW, I just bought a used PIII / 256 MB / 10 GB Dell lappie on ebay for a C
note. That's hundred bucks for our British friends. It came with Windows 2K
preinstalled and with a wireless pcmcia card, a Linksys, NITB, with drivers.
I just installed Mint xfce Cassandra edition, with dual boot option,and
everything went perfectly. One of the nicest installs I've done.

Just for the heck of it I booted into Win2K and tried to configure the
pcmcia card for the network.  The driver installed correctly, everything
said it was connected, but the damn thing wouldn't connect to the net! After
spending a good hour trying to get it to work, I forgot about it. What is it
with Winduhs and wireless; I'm sticking with Linux!

*R* *H*

Watch out -- I'm postin' here.

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