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[News] Old PCs Destined to Good Modern GNU/Linux

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Having Good Functional Running Old PC's

,----[ Quote ]
| A lot of us have old PCs stuck in the corners of classrooms, machines we just 
| can’t afford to replace and whose owners just can’t do without. At the same 
| time, a lot of us are acquiring netbooks and inexpensive hardware instead of 
| investing in the latest and greatest “Vista-capable” computers. Normally for 
| FOSS people like me its a YEHEY think to put in Linux in those running Boxes.    


Creating a Linux Distribution for the Common User

,----[ Quote ]
| In the end, we settled on CentOS, which is directly derived from RedHat's 
| Enterprise Linux (RHEL). We note Scientific Linux is another good choice, but 
| we were more familiar with CentOS. Every derivative of RHEL is well supported 
| by a handful of third-party repositories.    



Hands on: Revive an old PC with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| So what about computers more than just a few years old? Reader Graham Steel
| wrote to ask about his computer. He said: “I have an old IBM Thinkpad
| installed with Windows 98 and incapable of running newer versions of Windows,
| with just 96MB of Ram and a Pentium II CPU.
| "I investigated live editions of Linux and decided on Damn Small Linux. I was
| very pleased it recognised the PCMCIA network card and everything was up and
| running straight away.”



Report: Linux, open source greener than Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| A new report from the U.K. Office of Government Commerce about Open
| Source Software Trials in Government, has found that servers running
| Linux could combat the rising problem of e-waste because they last
| up to twice as long as machines running Windows.


British PC users fail to recycle PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| The online research was carried out by TNS of 1,050 adults over a two day
| period in February. It found that a staggering 12.5 million unwanted PCs or
| laptops have not been re-used or recycled by their owners over the past five
| years.
| [...]
| The new findings also indicate a worrying level of apathy among the
| population with many people making no attempt to recycle their unwanted IT
| hardware. Over 1 million people said they had dumped their computer or laptop
| in their household rubbish (4 percent) or fly tipped it in the countryside (1
| percent).


Helping the Needy Get Nerdy

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Journal reader Kevin, from Portland, Oregon, tells us, "I've donated
| equipment and money to them (Free Geek). I love giving working computer gear
| to them knowing that someone will learn computer skills by refurbishing it,
| loading Linux on it, and passing it on to someone truly in need of a
| computer. After 24 hours of donated time the volunteer gets to take home a
| computer for their own."

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