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[News] Company That Stabbed Linux in the Back About to Explode

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Novell cutting more heads?

,----[ Quote ]
| "The day after Hovsepian said no more cuts beyond 100, he told German 
| employees (as per German law) that there would be more cuts coming," the  
| source said. 


Having followed Novell's finances closely, one can safely argue that they need
to lay off many people to end the quarterly losses.

They have already shut down offices across Europe (in October).

Makes perfect sense...

Hovo Sapient still argues that Linux will win... but /without/ Novell/Microsoft
patent deals.

Slowdown prompts cos to adopt Linux software

,----[ Quote ]
| Bangalore, Feb. 4 The economic slowdown is prompting companies to migrate 
| even their mission critical systems to open source platforms such as Linux, a 
| move that would help them cut costs, consolidate and run their IT 
| infrastructure more efficiently.   



Why Mono and Samba Are Patently Different

,----[ Quote ]
| Samba grew out of a classic hacker's itch. Its creator, Andrew Tridgell,
| wanted to connect his PC to a departmental Sun machine, and knocked up a bit
| of server code for the latter to make that possible. It was only later that
| he discovered – to his amazement – that his program also worked with PCs
| running Windows.
| This meant that Samba, running on GNU/Linux, could function as a file and
| printer server for Windows users, which was why it became one of the first
| free software programs to find its way into enterprises, since it was
| effectively a drop-in replacement for more expensive Windows-based solutions.
| In other words, Samba is a free implementation of some protocols used by
| Windows, and was created so that free code could be used instead of
| Microsoft's.
| Now consider Mono. Like Samba, it aims to reproduce functionality available
| on the Windows platform, so that people can use free software instead: a
| laudable goal in itself. But the end-result, which depends on Microsoft's
| work, is something that encourages developers to write *yet more* code that
| uses Microsoft's approach. In benighted countries where software can be
| patented, this means that any patents that Microsoft has in the .NET
| framework are like to apply to any code developed with Mono. Like an
| infectious disease, the intellectual monopoly is spread wider.
| [...]
| This is what makes Mono so dangerous: developers that use this framework are,
| in fact, helping to disperse the poison of Microsoft's intellectual
| monopolies across the free software ecosystem. I'm sure that's not the aim of
| the Mono developers, who doubtless have the best of intentions, but sadly it
| is the inevitable result. And that is why developers and users need to be
| warned off Mono in a way that is not necessary for Samba.



Miguel, Mono and Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| is Mono's role in the deal that of a hook to make customers write
| .NET applications because they can be run on Linux - only to find
| later on that they are armless or legless because of a change in
| the .NETspecifications, a change which Microsoft decides not to
| make public?
| [...]
| And here we have an individual who decides to replicate one of
| the proprietary company's development environments - for reasons
| best known to him alone - and keeps telling people that the reason
| he's doing it is so that he can pull people over from the
| proprietary company's side to his side!!!


Mono? Mono!

,----[ Quote ]
| Note the lack of good faith:
|  Nobody said that "GNOME depends on Mono"; rather, Mono is pushed into GNOME,
|  distros are installing Tomboy and F-Spot and Beagle by default, and users
|  are intoxicated to believe that they can't live without Mono!  
|  "GNOME depends on libbeagle, a Mono program": Sir, we knew that libbeagle is
|  a C library! But why is it there? (Do you need a hint?)
|  "NDesk-DBus is replacing DBus in GNOME": I'm afraid this will happen one
|  day!
|  "Someday soon it will be practically impossible to write any app for GNOME
|  without being forced to use MONO": Yes, this is going to be true! (Alas...)

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