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[News] LF/OIN Project Fights Patents, Brother Stabs Linux in the Back

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Group aims to defend Linux from bad patents

,----[ Quote ]
| A group has been formed to help protect Linux from being undermined by 
| poor-quality software patents. 
| Linux Defenders, launched on Monday, aims to enlist the developer community's 
| help in finding 'prior art' related to patents affecting open-source code. 
| Prior art is information relevant to a claim of originality in a patent. If 
| examples of work are collected that show an invention has been described in 
| prior art before the patent was granted, then that patent is invalidated.    
| The sponsors of Linux Defenders are the Open Invention Network (OIN), the 
| Software Freedom Law Center and the Linux Foundation. 


Microsoft and Brother Enter Broad Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

,----[ Quote ]
| Agreement will cover intellectual property contained in printers and 
| multifunctional products, including certain Linux-based technologies. 
| [...]
| Through this agreement, Brother Industries will gain access to Microsoft's 
| patents for Brother's current and future product lines, including 
| multifunction products (MFPs), printers and certain Linux-based embedded 
| devices.   



Linux patent pool to push for 'defensive publication'

,----[ Quote ]
| In coming weeks, OIN will reveal more details of the site, which Bergelt
| described as "a production environment where we educate and train people to
| do this. We'll work with them to make sure it's put in a form that is
| acceptable."
| The effort will serve as a counterpart to OIN's existing strategy, under
| which it provides its patents royalty-free to companies in exchange for a
| commitment that they won't assert their patents against the Linux system. Its
| backers include NEC, IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat, and Sony. Google, Oracle
| and Alfresco are among the licensees.

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