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[News] Perception/Marketing/Lies a Barrier to Wider GNU/Linux Use

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Top Linuxy Alternatives and Staying True to FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Following up on his "State of the Penguin" report, Helios' Ken Starks issued 
| a new blog entry on the state of Linux in business, and it still isn't great. 
| Until Linux and open source software can overcome the perceptions of CEOs who 
| think that "you get what you pay for," Linux will remain a second-class 
| citizen, he writes.    


6 Linux Myths Busted

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is steeped in myths. And like most technologies that offer an 
| alternative to a de facto standard, these myths keep many business owners  
| leery of moving from Windows to Linux. Busting some of these myths may change 
| your mind.  
| If you're in the business of myth-making, the IT world is a good place to 
| make your fortune. And few technologies are as steeped in myths as Linux. 
| Myths are great entertainment, but if you run a small or midsize business and 
| need to make sound IT decisions, they're confusing. And sooner or later, that 
| confusion will cost you time, trouble, and money.    



9 Linux Myth Debunked

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to Linux there are 3 kinds of people, those who never heard of
| it, those who are afraid of it, and those who hate it and spread falsities
| about it. I don’t really care about the first, they probably aren’t really
| technologically literate anyways, as long as they have E-mail they are
| content. While the second group is the result of the actions of the third.
| Let’s hit two birds with one stone shall we?
| 1-Linux is More Secure Because it Has A Smaller User Base
| It is widely argued that Linux is more secure than Windows just because
| Windows is more popular, so hackers and virus coders tend to focus on the
| more popular platform. Actually, this is just one side of the story There are
| so many other things running for Linux security-wise that totally dispels
| this myth.


Myths of Linux - The Public Can't Cope with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| One criticism of Linux is that ordinary people are, on the whole, too
| ignorant about technology to use anything except Windows. This is just wrong.
| It's wrong because Windows isn't easy to use and it's wrong because there
| just aren't that many people who can't adapt to a new user interface.
| More and more people are using computers during their everyday lives, so the
| average knowledge of computer users is increasing. This means there are more
| and more power users.
| It also means that more can be asked of computer users and less technology
| needs to be aimed at the most inexperienced users.

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