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Re: The WIPE and REINSTALL EVERYTHING upgrade path from XP to Windows 7, ... SPLORF!!

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____/ George Kettleborough on Thursday 05 February 2009 22:24 : \____

> On 05/02/09 22:10, Terry Porter wrote:
>> One of the benefits of GNU/Linux compared to Windows is the easy upgrade
>> path.
>> I can see that the XP to Windows 7 'upgrade' is going to be the biggest
>> FUBAR since the win98 fiasco, with many Windows users losing all their
>> data.
> I agree. Windows is such a mess that a lot of user settings are mixed up
> in the file system with the OS itself. There's just no way for a Windows
> users to keep all of their settings when reinstalling or upgrading the OS.
> And of course there is the stupid tendency of OEMs to put the user's
> data on the same partition as Windows, so when the inevitable time comes
> to reinstall the thing due to Windows rot, the user must go through a
> complicated backup procedure to keep their data.
> I have had the same Gnome, Firefox, Thunderbird etc. settings for years
> and they have just stayed in my home directory. I keep my whole home
> directory backed up and it stays with me across distros and versions.
> This allows me to distro hop with ease, without setting up a whole load
> of user programs each time. It's something Windows users can only dream of.
> As it happens, since I've been using Ubuntu, I've upgraded through 3
> major versions without having to actually reinstall, which is even
> better, of course.

BetaVista 7 is labeled Windows 6.1 in the Registry. Vista is 6.0.

Vista too was too hard to upgrade to from XP. It was a mess requiring a clean

Microsoft cited the upgrader as the reason for delay of the RTM in late 2006.
It was ultimately broken despite the extra time they put into it and they
knowingly released Vista with bugs (they said so).

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