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Re: [News] Another Example of Ignorant Journalists Covering Linux

Ezekiel wrote:

> "Matt" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:OEIil.7971$Tq3.5022@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Sermo Malifer wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> ____/ High Plains Thumper on Thursday 05 February 2009 13:55 : \____
>>>>> Matt wrote:
>>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> Not to mention the fact that Windows does not have a centralised
>>>> patching
>>>> mechanism. <snip>
>>> That's not a fact, it's an outright lie.   Windows has automatic
>>> downloading and patching from a central store.
>> Maybe he meant that patching of Windows apps isn't centralized.
>> Patching of Linux apps is in a sense centralized for each major distro.
> This works only if someone gets all of their software from the distro
> repositotries using the package manager. Once someone goes outside of
> this and installs software on their own (RPMs via "alien" or an app they
> download themselves or something like VMWare tools) then this
> centralized update manager won't update those applications.

Really? I have quite a lot installed.
Yet I never had to venture outside of the repos to get all the software I 
wanted. All is handled inside of Yast/rpm/zypper

I'd bet that even for someone with very diverging "needs" on software 
there is not more than max 2 apps installed outside of the package 
manager. And those will be from commercial vendors
Don't steal. Microsoft hates competition.

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