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Re: [News] Another Example of Ignorant Journalists Covering Linux

Ezekiel wrote:
"Matt" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OEIil.7971$Tq3.5022@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sermo Malifer wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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____/ High Plains Thumper on Thursday 05 February 2009 13:55 : \____

Matt wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Not to mention the fact that Windows does not have a centralised patching
mechanism. <snip>
That's not a fact, it's an outright lie. Windows has automatic downloading and patching from a central store.

Maybe he meant that patching of Windows apps isn't centralized.

Patching of Linux apps is in a sense centralized for each major distro.

This works only if someone gets all of their software from the distro repositotries using the package manager. Once someone goes outside of this and installs software on their own (RPMs via "alien" or an app they download themselves or something like VMWare tools) then this centralized update manager won't update those applications.

Ha ha, yes, I know, but most users have only a few such apps.

Each major Linux distributor saves up the non-critical updates and releases them many at once.

On Windows I get pestered as much by iTunes alone as I do by all my Ubuntu apps put together.

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