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Re: South Korea and US 'agree' to reinforce patent partnership ..

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____/ Doug Mentohl on Thursday 05 February 2009 20:57 : \____

> The patent offices of both countries also agreed to continuously promote
> cooperative patent projects based on the Inclusive Patent Cooperation
> MOU entered into last September.
> Some of these projects include the participation of KIPO's examiners in
> USPTO education programs, the exchange of patent examiners scheduled for
> the first half of this year, and the execution of the Strategic Handling
> of Applications for Rapid Examination (SHARE)2 project, scheduled for
> the second half of this year ..
> http://www.isria.info/en/diplo_05february2009_61.htm

Aren't MOUs a a form of illegal conspiracy? Microsoft has internal memos on
these. They are competition blockers and Microsoft names it
(internally) "project Marshall".

Where is the FTC/SEC when it's needed? Probably having lunch with SweatyB...

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