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[News] EFF Takes on the MAFIAA, MAFIAA Law (ACTA) Slammed

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EFF Gears Up To Fight Back Against Bogus YouTube Takedowns

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| The EFF is noticing this as well and is pointing out that it correctly warned 
| that various automated filtering technologies wouldn't take fair use into 
| account and would cause many more problems. Now, the EFF is clearly looking 
| for a test case, asking those whose videos have been taken down, despite 
| clear fair use -- such as the teenaged girl who's video of herself 
| singing "Winter Wonderland" was removed -- to contact the EFF. I expect we'll 
| see lawsuits filed in short order.      


ACTA Proposal Would Criminalize Substantial Non-Commercial Infringement

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| With various governments still insisting that ACTA negotiations must be done 
| in near total secrecy, various folks are working hard to at least shine some 
| sunlight on the details. Michael Geist discusses what he's been able to piece 
| through, and it's not pretty. The only good news is that everything is still 
| in the early stages, and there's some disagreement among the participating 
| trade reps concerning how certain things should work. However, that's about 
| the only good news.      



88% of YouTube is New and Original Content, Professor Says

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| If you can watch it without dropping your litigation against YouTube, Viacom,
| you need to see a doctor right away. Seriously. I hope YouTube lawyers play
| it for the judge if you insist on going to trial.
| Watch the part about the song that ended up being professionally released. It
| made the company some money. Cluestick: there is more than one business
| model, for those who can get with the new. Sooner or later, your shareholders
| will be furious with you if you don't course-correct and modernize. Yes. They
| will. Eventually, your shareholders will be YouTubers, you know. And you'll
| be what media used to be.

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