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[News] Managers Turn to Free Software for Savings

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Open source applications sit at IT strategy table during recession

,----[ Quote ]
| In tough times, the "free" price tag of open source software is too good for 
| some CIOs to pass by without at least a second glance. But it can be buyer 
| beware: Despite short-term cost benefits, open source applications require 
| sufficient IT staffing resources for the long term to keep up with code 
| changes.    


Project Management Slideshow: 10 Open Source Implementation Tips

,----[ Quote ]
| How to make sure an enterprise Open Source project goes smoothly. Compiled 
| with help from Ray Wang, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester 
| Research, and Navica CEO Bernard Golden.  


Equinox Software Inc. and NELINET Partner on Evergreen Open Source ILS Solution 

,----[ Quote ]
| Equinox Software is pleased to announce a partnership with NELINET, a 
| non-profit membership cooperative based in New England, on an Evergreen open 
| source consortial ILS solution for its member libraries.  


Open Solutions for Libraries Gain Momentum 

,----[ Quote ]
| LibLime (www.liblime.com), an upstart company that has provided open source 
| software solutions for libraries for several years (best known for its Koha 
| ILS), has made its move to the next frontier of openness—providing open data 
| and open library content. In 2008, LibLime introduced ‡biblios 
| (http://biblios.org), an open source, web-based metadata tool for libraries, 
| and it has just launched ‡biblios.net, a free, browser-based cataloging 
| service with a data archive containing more than 30 million bibliographic and 
| authority records.       



Free software is cheaper: case study while creating a podcast

,----[ Quote ]
| Cost of “The Beer Crate” with proprietary software
| Can you hear me spluttering yet?
| That’s between $217 and $1,832 to create a 15 minute weekly podcast! 
| Furthermore, on a couple of occasions, I’ve needed to check-up on the podcast 
| to make sure I didn’t say something I thought I did. In these cases I’ve 
| often been at work. So, I take a ten minute break and download the file. I 
| then edit it with Audacity, review the script, and re-encode it before 
| uploading it back to the server. Had I not used free software, I’d need 
| another license for the sample editor on my work machine. I just thought I’d 
| mention it…       
| That’s between $217 and $1,832 to create a 15 minute weekly podcast! 
| Conclusion
| So with this level of cost, is it any wonder Microsoft feel compelled to 
| bundle so much software for free with their operating system? 
| And is it any wonder I use free software rather than proprietary 
| applications? 

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