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[News] MySQL Empowers Canadian Company

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Toronto company teaches old market new tricks with open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Rightsleeve used Sun Microsystems' MySQL as the underlying technology for the 
| database needed to organize all its different products offered for branding. 
| As MySQL is open source software, any company can take the code – for free – 
| and develop it in-house to meet their needs.  



Sun expanding MySQL Drizzle staffing - going cloud?

,----[ Quote ]
| Though Sun recently shed thousands of jobs, it's actually now hiring - well
| for at least one key position. Sun is looking for a Software Senior Staff
| Engineer to work on the MySQL open source Drizzle project.


Drizzle plans to wash away DBMS past

,----[ Quote ]
| The open development model has also helped to define the development
| technology and tools used to build Drizzle. The code is licensed under the
| GNU GPLv2 and Aker insists that development should be based on a GNU tool
| chain. The core development is based on C99 and Posix.
| As a result of adopting a GNU tool chain, Drizzle will only be available for
| Posix based operating systems. Currently these include Linux (Fedora),
| Solaris Express and Mac OS X.


Drizzle, a MySQL fork for web applications

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL employees have announced a fork of the open source MySQL database,
| named "Drizzle", that focuses on what they see as the essential features for
| an online database. In his blog, Brian Aker suggests web applications,
| databases without integrated business processes, cloud environments and
| multi-core architectures as potential applications for this trimmed down
| version of MySQL server.

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