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[News] IBM's OSS Chief Becomes Linux Chief, Sun's OSS Chief Interviewed

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New open source chiefs at IBM and at Zend

,----[ Quote ]
| IBMs expert on open standards, Bob Sutor, has now been appointed the Vice 
| President of Open Source and Linux. His standards and open source team are 
| moving with him to the Software Group. Sutor, formerly the Vice President of 
| Standards and Open Source at IBM, will now have a focus on the strategic and 
| technical issues that revolve around the free operating system. "If it does 
| or should run on Linux and IBM has a business interest in it, I have an 
| interest in it," stated Sutor.      


Q&A: Sun open-source officer Simon Phipps

,----[ Quote ]
| As the chief open-source officer at Sun Microsystems, Simon Phipps spoke to 
| ZDNet Australia about the MySQL acquisition and community engagement on 
| OpenOffice.org and OpenSolaris.  



You'll get closer to the source

,----[ Quote ]
| Mr Phipps does see a push towards open source. "It's a response to the shift
| in society caused by the internet. It's a shift away from centralised
| control."
| But developing applications, whether open source or not, can still be a rocky
| road. MrPhipps has learnt that over planning isn't a good thing.



Interview with Simon Phipps

,----[ Quote ]
| Phipps: I think that there is a huge overlap in those worlds. One
| of the interesting things you discover when you run an OpenSolaris
| distribution like Nexenta is, my goodness, it looks just like Ubuntu.
| And you know, there's a really good reason for that: because it is
| Ubuntu, but it's got a Solaris kernel in it.


Last interviews: start the countdown

,----[ Quote ]
| Only sevens days left until FOSDEM 2007... Time to read up on our
| last speakers: Simon Phipps on Java and free software, Jeremy
| Allison about Samba 4, Keith Packard on X.org, Miguel De Icaza
| about Mono, Paul Everitt about Plone and Zope, and Pete Herzog
| on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual.


Will Sun Use GPLv3?

,----[ Quote ]
| First of all, Sun has been engaged directly in the GPL v3 process
| since it started. My colleagues and I attended the launch conference
| in Cambridge, MA at the start of 2006 - I even logged the
| conversation with my friend and collaborator Danese Cooper of Intel.

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