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[News] Vending Machines Make Ubuntu Available Where Connections Are Slow

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Breadbin frees open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Breadbin Interactive, a local open source software company, is looking to use 
| its Freedom Toaster platform to promote and expand open source software into 
| the rest of Africa.  
| The company plans to expand into Africa to make information feely available, 
| particularly in the enterprise and education space. 


Switching from Windows to Ubuntu is easy with an Internet connection

,----[ Quote ]
| I think I have already made the move by switching to Ubuntu. Only thing that 
| I want is that Ubuntu CD installation should come with the capability to 
| handle Windows format multimedia. This would allow people to use it even if 
| they don't have an Internet connection with their installation. It would 
| certainly help increase the number of Ubuntu users. CrunchBang Linux is a 
| nice effort.     



Unisa toasts open source success

,----[ Quote ]
| It uses a customised open source operating system that allows the kiosks to
| burn multiple disks at once.


Bridging the African digital divide - with a ‘toaster’

,----[ Quote ]
| The foundation was convincing schools and even government offices to switch
| to Linux, the open-source equivalent of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.
| “We were getting a lot of people excited about it,” Hudson says. But when new
| fans asked how to get their hands on the newest version of Linux, the answer
| was always the same: Download it. “We’d see their shoulders slump,” he
| says. “We had a clear message, we were getting out there and talking to
| people, but we were clearly falling short.”
| Then he started thinking – why not make a software vending machine where,
| instead of having to download large files, a user could just burn them to a
| CD?
| It so happened that the MTN Sciencentre in Cape Town was about to have an
| exhibition on open-source computing, and Hudson convinced his bosses to let
| him try to design a prototype that would burn a small selection of
| open-source software, including Linux, to CDs.


Welcome to the Freedom Toaster Website

,----[ Quote ]
| Freedom Toasters are conveniently located, self-contained,
| computer-based, 'Bring 'n Burn' facilities.
| [...]
| The Freedom Toaster project began as a means of overcoming the
| difficulty in obtaining Linux and Open Source software due to
| the restrictive telecommunications environment in South Africa,
| where the easy downloading of large pieces of software is just
| not possible for everyone.

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