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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Demonstrated for Enterprise Quality

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Canonical Survey Shows Ubuntu Server as Mission-Critical Enterprise Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu Linux, and analyst firm RedMonk 
| have released findings of a survey sent to thousands of Ubuntu users that 
| show usage patterns for the Ubuntu server product.  


Google: Friend or Foe of Ubuntu? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Google enjoys a pretty favorable image within the free-software community.  
| In some respects, it deserves this reputation, as it strongly supports many 
| open-source projects.  On the other hand, Google is reluctant to open the 
| code of most of its own software.  Given this hesitancy, can we trust the 
| company to be always on Ubuntu’s side?    



Ubuntu Server Edition: Canonical’s Big Challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| But keep your expectations for Ubuntu Server Edition under control. Building
| out that business is going to take years — rather than months.


Ubuntu Server receives positive reviews

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu isn’t just for desktops. Behind the scenes, corporate IT managers have
| put Ubuntu to work on servers. Don’t believe me? Well, I can name names. I
| can also tell you up front that Ubuntu Server gets high marks for its
| corporate support; easy backups, installs and upgrades; documentation, and
| more.
| So I set out to find some IT pros who could talk about Ubuntu Server, which
| wasn’t hard. I just asked, “Who’s using Ubuntu?”  in a
| SearchEnterpriseLinux.com newsletter. Here are some respondents’ views of
| Ubuntu Server, both positive and not-so-positive.



Review of Ubuntu 7.04 Server on Old Hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 7.04 Server Edition provides a very easy way to get a LAMP server up
| and running quickly. The lack of SSH access as standard seemed strange for a
| distro focussed on ease of installation, but comes from the principle that
| the less daemons there are running, the less daemons there are to hack, which
| is understandable. Of course, it is then up to the user to configure Apache,
| MySQL and PHP, which can be quite time consuming. I think that Ubuntu Server
| is best viewed as a shortcut to a fully rigged server rather than an all in
| one solution.


Ubuntu Releases Alpha Version of Server 8.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The first alpha release from the growingly popular Ubuntu Linux is now
| available.

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