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[News] [Rival] Op Ed: Microsoft Must be Destroyed (for Criminal Behaviour)

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Microsoft Delenda Est! (Microsoft must be destroyed!)

,----[ Quote ]
| Ah, you say, but Microsoft was charged as being a monopoly by the Justice 
| Department, and has been monitored by the courts ever since. Well, yes, 
| Microsoft was charged and found guilty. Due to their philosophical beliefs 
| the George W. Bush Administration instructed the Justice Department to back 
| off on enforcement when the Administration came into office in early 2001. 
| Since then, the Justice Department has seemed more like cheerleaders for the 
| company, a convicted monopolist, than a probation officer. In fact the 
| Justice Department has even written to the European Commissioner for 
| Competition, Nellie Kroes, asking the the EU not take action against the 
| company, when an EU court had reached the same conclusion as a US court, that 
| Microsoft is a monopoly, and has used it's position as a monopoly to prevent 
| competition in the market.           


“DRM is nearly always the result of a conspiracy of companies to restrict the
technology available to the public. Such conspiracy should be a crime, and the
executives responsible for it should be sentenced to prison.”

                                                --Richard Stallman


How to Royally Annoy National Bodies

,----[ Quote ]
| Guide to future monopolists on how to alienate yourself from National Bodies:
|    1. Waste NBs time in reviewing monstrous draft specifications
|    2. Claim that these specs can do everything for anyone by standardising 
|    marketing material 
|    3. If you don't get your way at a certain level, lobby the superior above. 
|    Dont stop! Go all the way to the head of the nation if you think you can! 
|    4. Leak press stories to journalists to pressure Ministries to make a 
|    decision. Quick! 
|    5. Try to shut down TCs if actual technical work is done revealing issues 
|    with your plan 
|    6. Question Question Question everything (process, fairness, the system, 
|    members) when things dont go your way 
|    7. Otherwise create another TC with friendly experts
|    8. If the NB allows new members just by paying membership fees, encourage 
|    your business partners to join with marketing funds. Stack-stack-stack it 
|    high!  
|    9. Stalk decision makers, even if it means traveling around the globe with 
|    them 
|   10. Refuse changes in the spec especially if it breaks your product which 
|   you released prior 
|   11. Have private interviews with TC members in the guise of funding for 
|   their new projects/research grants/interoperability initiatives and 
|   conveniently talk about their position on your spec.  
|   12. Get your Business Partners to write in form letters. Some don't even 
|   bother to change the templates 
|   13. Attend TC meetings uninvited by fabricating business cards
|   14. Send Lawyers in to Technical Committee meetings who prefer not to 
|   engage in "high-school" debates 
|   15. Make rude and inaccurate statements against TC members in public


A Microsoft Slur in the OOXML Saga -- Did I Tell You or Did I Tell You? -

,----[ Quote ]
| Remember I told you I've noticed that people who don't support Microsoft's 
| agenda end up the victim of smear campaigns? 
| The New Zealand Open Source Society is reporting that an employee at 
| Microsoft New Zealand recently sent an email to one of the technical bodies 
| advising an NB involved in the OOXML ISO process, smearing a man's 
| reputation, Matthew Holloway, apparently to undermine his technical input 
| which was critical of OOXML.     


Tim Bray: Life Is Complicated

,----[ Quote ]
| Those with long memories might suggest a parallel between Rick’s position and 
| mine when in 1997, I was sitting on the XML Working Group and co-editing the 
| spec, on a pro bono basis as an indie consultant. Netscape hired me to 
| represent their interests, and when I announced this, controversy ensued. 
| Which is a nice way of saying that Microsoft went berserk; tried 
| unsuccessfully to get me fired as co-editor, and then launched a vicious, 
| deeply personal extended attack in which they tried to destroy my career and 
| took lethal action against a small struggling company because my wife worked 
| there. It was a sideshow of a sideshow of the great campaign to bury Netscape 
| and I’m sure the executives have forgotten; but I haven’t.         


Q&A: Former Mass. CIO feels 'bittersweet pride' after battles with Microsoft,

,----[ Quote ]
| As CIO of Massachusetts from February to November last year, Louis 
| Gutierrez had to endure most of the brunt of Microsoft Corp.'s political 
| wrath over a state policy calling for the adoption of the Open Document 
| Format for Office Applications, or ODF -- a rival to the software vendor's 
| Office Open XML file format.


,----[ Quote ]
| Quinn:  Almost to a person, to anybody involved or who knows about
| the ODF issue, they attributed the story to Microsoft, right, wrong
| or otherwise. Senator Pacheco may be a bully but I do not believe he
| is disingenious and would stoop to such a tactic. Senator Pacheco and
| Secretary Galvin's office remain very heavily influenced by the
| Microsoft money and its lobbyist machine, as witnessed by their
| playbook and words, in my opinion.

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