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[News] Free Software in Healthcare Makes the News

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Rewiring the VA
,----[ Quote ]
| Much of the attention of the healthcare industry over the past several weeks 
| has been focused on Washington and the various proposals before Congress to 
| boost the faltering economy, including spending billions of dollars 
| subsidizing health information technology.   
| [...]
| The question is whether the Veterans Health Information Systems and 
| Technology Architecture, or VistA—the clinical information system that powers 
| the VA health system—will wither or bloom in the months and years ahead. It’s 
| an issue that has implications not only for millions of veterans but also 
| millions of other potential users of open-source and proprietary versions of 
| VistA, both in the private and public sectors in the U.S. and abroad.      


'Rockefeller Amendment' for Studying Open Source in Stimulus Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| About page 701 of the stimulus bill is a provision for studying Open 
| Source: "...(A) the current availability of open source 6 health information 
| technology systems to Fed7 eral safety net providers (including small, rural 
| 8 providers); 9 (B) the total cost of ownership of such sys10 tems in 
| comparison to the cost of proprietary 11 commercial products available; 12 
| (C) the ability of such systems to respond 13 to the needs of, and be applied 
| to, various pop14 ulations (including children and disabled indi15 viduals); 
| and 16 (D) the capacity of such systems to facili17 tate interoperability...'       



GNUmed Live CD 0.3.9 released

,----[ Quote ]
| A new GNUmed live CD is out. With the help of this CD one can test drive
| GNUmed without altering the currently running environment such as operating
| system. No installation necessary.


Conficker seizes city's hospital network

,----[ Quote ]
| Staff at hospitals across Sheffield are battling a major computer worm
| outbreak after managers turned off Windows security updates for all 8,000 PCs
| on the vital network, The Register has learned.

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