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[News] Free Software Makes Telephones More Affordable

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Open source telephony without breaking the bank

,----[ Quote ]
| Telephony continues to remain the dominant form of customer interaction for 
| most businesses today, and is certainly a fundamental component of effective 
| service. However, given the current downturn economy, many businesses are 
| looking for ways to cut costs, and open source systems have been proven to do 
| just that – resulting in most companies gearing themselves for a boost in 
| open source adoption this year.     



Glintech integrates Asterisk, Jabber for open source UC platform

,----[ Quote ]
| When Sydney-based IT services company Glintech discovered the benefits of IM
| and required a PABX replacement, it took the Asterisk and Jabber open source
| projects under its wing and created and integrated, unified communications
| service.


Open source office phones get Skype

,----[ Quote ]
| Alabama telephony company Digium announced its flagship product Asterisk,
| open source PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, has released a beta version
| of Skype for Asterisk.


Digium(R) and Telrex Announce Partnership and Interoperability Certification

,----[ Quote ]
| Digium is the creator and driving force behind Asterisk, the open source
| voice communications software deployed by more than four million servers
| worldwide to manage VoIP calls for businesses and individuals.


AstriCon 2008 – Future Asterisk Delivery and Support

,----[ Quote ]
| Originally expecting to see Brian Aker of MySQL give the lead keynote,
| AstriCon attendees were instead briefed on four new initiatives Digium is
| undertaking to improve and support Asterisk and its developer community.


Digium Founder Mark Spencer Recounts the History of Open Source Asterisk PBX

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark got started with Linux early in 1994 Slackware  (kernel version 1.09).
| One of the few in Auburn, AL at the time  that knew anything about Linux.
| After a stint with Adtran (a global provider of communications equipment) he
| moved out on his own starting a company called Linux Support Services. Mark
| traded his services for space in the back of a local computer store in
| Huntsville, AL. He started by building his own computer and eventually built
| his own phone switch informed by his experience developing GAIM (now Pidgin)
| among other open source projects.
| [...]
| He attributes their early success contributions from this technical audience
| with contributions from hundreds of developers and feedback generated by over
| a million downloads in 2007. They also benefited from the fact that
| traditional telephone systems were very expensive and features didn’t
| translate from one system to another. Asterisk was very cost effective,
| configurable, and capable of VOIP in an industry with no clear leader. Also
| there was a fundamental shift in the industry from hardware switches to
| software switches.


Digium Takes Home Three More Industry Awards

,----[ Quote ]
| The company and its founder, Mark Spencer, have also appeared on
| numerous “company to watch” and “influencer” lists, including 2008
| installations from eWeek, Linux Magazine and VoIP-News.  



Junction Networks uses Asterisk to tailor VoIP to customer demands

,----[ Quote ]
| Oeth is no stranger to open source. In the early '90s he started Interport
| Communications, an ISP that eventually became the second largest in New York
| City. In that business he got "very familiar" with Apache Web servers and a
| host of open source tools. After he sold Interport, Oeth was looking for
| another business. "Knowing all the advantages of open source, we saw a lot of
| similarities between Apache and Asterisk. We knew we could install this, get
| a conference bridge up and running, and have the cheapest one out there."


Asterisk is no longer just a PBX footnote

,----[ Quote ]
| While Asterisk IP PBX software can be a boon for cash-strapped businesses
| that need phone upgrades, the free, open source platform has also spawned a
| host of for-profit vendors that charge for Asterisk professional services,
| peripherals and software extensions and still manage to undercut the prices
| charged by more established IP PBX vendors.


InfoWorld Names Digium(R) Asterisk(R) a Top Technology Impacting 2008 IT

,----[ Quote ]
| InfoWorld reports, "a complete IP PBX released as open source under the GNU
| Public License, Asterisk is built to run on commodity hardware, providing
| considerable cost savings when compared with commercial alternatives, and it
| leverages the open source community for additional testing, bug fixes, and
| feature development."


Digium Unveils Business-Class "Digium|Asterisk Marketplace"

,----[ Quote ]
| New Digium website provides a one-stop destination for Asterisk-related
| products and services


Linux VoIP stack powers "kitchen communicator" design

,----[ Quote ]
| Trolltech has announced a new spin on its Qtopia software stack for
| Linux-based devices.


Asterisk awakens open source love in telecom entrepreneur

,----[ Quote ]
| Fribush's previous company produced Web telephony software for the online
| dating industry. When that business was sold in 2006, he started looking for
| his next project and noticed an interesting trend. "We were looking at the
| Asterisk movement, and we started looking at some of the momentum," Fribush
| says. "It was a big disrupter. And we thought that one of the missing pieces
| was a turnkey solution where the application was actually hosted." Fribush
| partnered with his friend Michael Rand to launch Aretta
| Communications. "That's really the start of my open source background. I've
| really always been a Microsoft guy. You get converted when you see the power
| of open source tools. Now it is the majority of our infrastructure."


Digium preps Asterisk Linux distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| "We developed our own GUI [which is] similar to Trixbox [distribution],
| but the purpose of AsteriskNow is to provide a distribution built
| around Asterisk technology so people can use it without the GUI," he
| said. "The GUI is the same as the Asterisk Appliance that looks
| like a Linksys router that runs Asterisk and has analogue ports."


Linux dominating VoIP devices?

,----[ Quote ]
| Trolltech says its development framework and software stack for mobile
| devices was selected by Skype as the preferred platform for Skype-certified
| VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones. Additionally, the Qtopia framework/stack has
| been used in about 40 VoIP devices, making it the "dominant Linux
| development platform for VoIP/WiFi devices," according to Trolltech.


Digium Takes Best of Open Source Software Award

,----[ Quote
| Bossie judges singled out Digium for being the “most mature and scalable” IP
| PBX currently available.


Choice Open-Source VoIP News Nuggets

,----[ Quote ]
| The folks who maintain FreePBX, the popular Asterisk graphical interface and
| management system, held their first-ever Open Telephony Training Seminar last
| month in Charleston, South Carolina. It sold out early and was a big success,
| so there will be another one this May in Las Vegas. The course covers how to
| market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize, and administer
| Asterisk/FreePBX systems. In addition, they added an optional "Day 0" that
| provides a basic foundation in both Linux skills and FreePBX basics.

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