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[News] Linux Phones Get More Killer Apps

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Search with your voice on Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't want to type a long query, like "U.S. economic stimulus plan", on your 
| T-Mobile G1? Just say it. Or, perhaps you'd like to browse the web without 
| sliding out the keyboard? Well now you can. For those of you with a G1 in the 
| US, the next time you get an Android update (which will gradually roll out 
| starting this week), you'll be able to start searching -- and surfing -- with 
| your voice. And you can use the feature quickly and easily because it's 
| integrated in the Android browser and the home screen search widget.      


Wikitude: A Promising First Step for a Virtual Tour Guide

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikitude bills itself as "augmented reality," and it does that by overlaying 
| data on points of interest over the image in your G1's camera viewfinder. 
| However, with a database that contains only 350,000 points of interest 
| worldwide, the augmentation runs a little flat.   



Android "G2" emerges, as G1 preps for Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| Images have surfaced of a keyboard-less "G2" Android phone reportedly being
| readied by HTC. Meanwhile, T-Mobile announced a G1 rollout in Europe, Kogan's
| Android-based Agora smartphone has been postponed, and Android is gaining
| a "Cupcake" update and key retrieval system, while losing a core developer.


More devices with Android OS likely to hit market in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| A handful of forces appear to be shaping a year to come that is likely to
| include numerous device launches featuring the fledgling Android operating
| system.


Five key mobile phone trends for 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Talk of the town: Open source
| Open source was for the geekiest of geeks. No longer. Last year, Google
| debuted its first smart phone based on the Android open-source operating
| system. Last we checked, members of the Open Handset Alliance include
| familiar household brands like ASUS, Garmin, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and
| Sony Ericsson. Although the Kogan Agora Pro, Australia's first smart phone to
| run on Google's Android, has been delayed indefinitely, we're still placing
| our bets on giants like Samsung and HTC to introduce their own Android
| devices this year, maybe as early as Mobile World Congress in February


Android moves to home phone

,----[ Quote ]
| A COMPANY THAT we had never heard of before had one of the most interesting
| toys at CES, an Android based home phone. Actually, it is a lot more than
| that, almost a full PC in a small box, the Nimble by Touch Revolution.


Google portable device runs Debian Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the first time since switching to Linux that I have given serious
| thought to changing distributions.  I really like Ubuntu; it’s still the most
| comprehensive desktop distro I know.  But I don’t know if I want to be part
| of a community that can rise up on a moment’s notice and band together to
| become one giant mega-jerk.


Debian on Android installer released.

,----[ Quote ]
| I have created and installer and bootloader (download below) for getting
| Debian running on your Android (G1 at the moment) device, the whole install
| process will take you about 10 mins, and leaves you with access to the full
| plethora of programs available in Debian and let's you continue using your
| phone as it was intended to be: as an Android device with all the
| capabilities thereof.


A Sprint Android Phone for 2009?

,----[ Quote ]
| Bloomberg.com reports that Sprint will be one of the first wireless providers
| to take advantage of the open Google Android platform and hopes to have a
| model available within a year. T-Mobile released the first Android-run
| smartphone, the G1, a couple of months ago.
| The site reports that by offering an Android-based smartphone, Sprint plans
| to take a bite out of the iPhone's market share. Apple's smartphone now
| commands 16 percent of the world's smartphone market.


LiMo Says Vodafone's Android Support Shouldn't Fragment the Mobile Linux Space

,----[ Quote ]
| Vodafone's membership in the Google-led Open Handset Alliance isn't
| necessarily a bad thing for the LiMo Foundation, which makes an open-source
| mobile operating system based on Linux that some see as vying for smartphone
| supremacy with Google's Android mobile and wireless stack. LiMo's Morgan
| Gillis says overlap among Android, LiMo and Symbian camps is par for the
| course as they combat Windows Mobile, RIM and the Apple iPhone.
| [...]
| Despite this hole, is Vodafone still backing LiMo? Absolutely, a Vodafone
| spokesperson told eWEEK, noting that joining the OHA means Vodafone will be
| able to work with the Android platform alongside other operating platforms
| such as LiMo, Symbian, Microsoft and RIM, improving customer choice.


Android alliance adds 14 members

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Handset Alliance (OHA), which oversees the Google-sponsored Android
| mobile Linux specification, has added 14 members. New members include AKM
| Semiconductor, ARM, ASUSTek Computer (Asus), Atheros Communications, Borqs,
| Ericsson, Garmin International, Huawei Technologies, Omron Software, Softbank
| Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Teleca AB, Toshiba, and Vodafone.


Android Devices Likely From Sony Ericsson, Asus

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Asus could launch as soon as next summer new, less
| expensive cell phones, based on Google's mobile operating system - Android.
| The companies have stated today their interest in developing devices based on
| Android, and joined the Open Handset Alliance together with 11 other members.


Android answers call for free smartphone software

,----[ Quote ]
| Google decided to create a better operating system for mobile phones, just as
| Microsoft’s Windows helps a user to operate a PC. Unlike Windows, however,
| Google’s software for mobiles, called Android, would be free and “open
| source”.
| The open source concept has been used in other technological advances ranging
| from web browsers, such as Mozilla’s Firefox, to operating systems, such as
| Linux. It means that programmers and developers can have access to the code
| behind the software, essentially its DNA.


MontaVista touts Android readiness

,----[ Quote ]
| To show off its Android chops, MontaVista will demonstrate the
| Google-sponsored Android mobile stack running on top of MontaVista Linux on a
| Texas Instruments OMAP3 system-on-chip (SoC). The demo will be held this week
| at Embedded Technology 2008 in Yokohama, Japan. Last month, MontaVista
| announced that its distribution had been optimized for the Cortex-A8-based
| OMAP3 SoCs.

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