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[News] Canonical Brings More Linux to ARM, Timesys Empowers Linux on Freescale

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Canonical, Commercial Sponsor Of Ubuntu, Joins ARM Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, has joined the ARM Connected 
| Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem for ARM technology-based products 
| and services.  


Timesys Announces LinuxLink Support for the Freescale MPC8313E Processor

,----[ Quote ]
| Timesys Corporation (https://linuxlink.timesys.com/3/Home), a premier 
| provider of embedded Linux software solutions, today announced LinuxLink 
| support for the Freescale MPC8313E communications processor and its RDB 
| reference board. Taking full advantage of the Freescale e300's processing 
| core, LinuxLink for the MPC8313E leverages a rich set of common features, 
| including Gigabit Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0, and power management.     



Linux 2.6 BSP for Freescale i.MX27 PDK development kit now available from
Adeneo Embedded

,----[ Quote ]
| Adeneo Embedded has announced the full commercial release of the Linux 2.6
| Board Support Package (BSP) for Freescale's i.MX27 Product Development Kit
| (PDK_ ARM9 processor-based micro-controller. This BSP targets the i.MX27 PDK,
| a standard development platform from Freescale. It supports key features of
| the i.MX27 PDK.


Adeneo Linux 2.6 BSP For Freescale i.MX27 PDK


Freescale Chases $199 Netbook With New Processor

,----[ Quote ]
| The netbooks will support Linux, and Freescale is working with Canonical to
| develop a version of the OS for the Arm core. The devices won't support
| Windows, however.


CES-Freescale chip targets sub-$200 netbook market


Freescale announcement heats up speculations about at Apple netbook

,----[  ]
| The vendor also envisages budget notebooks with Ubuntu Linux and i.MX51 under
| people's Christmas trees in 2009.
| [...]
| The vendor suggests using the Ubuntu Linux operating system and also
| highlights the improved support of Adobe Flash (and AIR) for ARM cores. In
| recent months ARM announced co-operations with Adobe and Canonical to this
| effect. The GPU portion of the i.MX51 is planned to be OpenVR and OpenGL (ES)
| compatible. Linux drivers are also available for PowerVR MBX graphics.
| Pegatron, the component manufacturing division of Asus, is to supply an
| i.MX51 reference netbook.
| [...]
| Freescale has denied the suggestion that it may be making an Apple Netbook,
| saying "Freescale’s current netbook approach is unambiguously an ARM/Linux
| play, and any suggestion otherwise is inaccurate."


Freescale's Su: Sharing is key

,----[ Quote ]
| Lisa Su, Freescale Semiconductor senior vice president and chief technology
| officer, made a request of attendees at the Vision 2008 Embedded Linux
| Developers Conference: share.
| Open-source collaboration is the key to accelerating time-to-market of
| embedded systems, Su told an audience of several hundred during a keynote
| address here Thursday (Oct. 2).
| "As a semiconductor company, we certainly believe that the way we are going
| to drive innovation is to get as many people as possible collaborating
| together," Su said.


Freescale Semiconductor Expands Open Platform Commitment by Joining the LiMo


Freescale backs Mobile Linux with LiMo move

,----[ Quote ]
| Freescale Semiconductor is the latest semiconductor firm to join the LiMo
| Foundation, the industry group behind an open Mobile Linux-based software
| platform for mobile phones.

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