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[News] GNU/Linux a Perfect Match for Weak Machines

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Take a hard look at the command line.

,----[ Quote ]
| When I started up my first computer I was very excited. I unpacked it from 
| its box. Set it up on a table and turned it on. As the screen flickered into 
| life my excitement mounted. Watching it boot up with some unknown messages 
| scrolling up the screen my excitement became almost unbearable. Then there 
| was a beep and a black screen with a flashing green block. My excitement 
| flashed over into puzzlement. What am I supposed to do?      


Out With The Slow, In With The Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re hesitant to convert you may want to consider creating a dual boot 
| system so that you can switch back and forth between Windows and Linux until 
| you are comfortable making the switch.  
| Either way you have options when it comes to choosing an Operating System 
| that is right for you so don’t feel like all you have is Windows or Macs to 
| choose from .   



Giving life back to an OLD laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| This laptop belongs to a good friend and she loved it when I told her that we
| can give a new life to her laptop using GNU/Linux. This is an Toshiba
| Satellite Sro 435CDS built around 12 years ago. Specs? Pentium 120, 32 MB
| ram, 4 GB Hard. Yes this laptop has been upgrade a few years ago to highest
| supported specs.


Android on netbooks is BIG money for Google

,----[ Quote ]
| If Google gets this right, the possibilities are tremendous. Currently Google
| plans to use 30% of the revenue generated from sales of Android applications
| to pay carriers and billing settlement fees. Think about it though — that 30%
| only makes sense if we’re talking about mobile devices on a wireless network.
| I’d suspect that the 30% rake will still exist when Android makes its way
| into netbooks — and in that case, Google would be the sole recipient of the
| money. Imagine if Google was able to make 30% on all software sold for their
| operating system — that should make investors happy.



Does Anyone Buy Software Anymore?

,----[ Quote ]
| Big shifts are taking place in the software industry. For most of
| its history, software has been bought much like a load of bread: you
| buy it, consume it, then at a later date you buy some more.
| But this model is fading. Large companies, who get some (or much) or
| their software on a license basis, are moving away from purchasing
| software. Models like software as service (SaaS), renting rather
| than buying, are fundamentally altering the software business.
| Also tipping the apple cart are open source and wireless
| applications.

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