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[News] Linux Contest is Near

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The "I'm Linux" Video Contest

,----[ Quote ]
| That said, there’s a world of difference between billion-dollar proprietary 
| software companies and a grassroots community of mass collaboration. For one 
| thing, the available budget is enormously different, but making up for this, 
| Linux arguably has a far more passionate and enthusiastic fan base. (Well, 
| moreso than Microsoft anyway; I think we all know Apple fans are in a league 
| of their own!)     
| Consequently, and considering these two points, the Linux Foundation have 
| opted not to embark on their own production but rather sponsor a community 
| contest, exploiting the minds and talents of Linuxphiles globally.  



Open Season for Linux Contests

,----[ Quote ]
| The four contests all involve creativity, judges, and significant prizes
| including a trip to France for one, and a trip to Japan for another.  So,
| whether you look at these contests as a chance to show off your video skills,
| go after real prize money, or just a fun way to participate in the big,
| online discussion that is Linux, there’s room for all.


"BeagleBot" cruises on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A Linux-powered robot project has won the first monthly design contest
| sponsored by "BeagleBoard.org," a group promoting a low-cost, Linux-friendly
| single board computer (SBC) with an ARM Cortex-A8-based processor. Antti
| Seppanen's "BeagleBot" is a partially autonomous, WiFi-enabled robot with
| servos, sensor, and webcam.


Qt Software Lures Fun-Loving Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Qt Software, formerly Trolltech, reminds us in a YouTube video about their
| Pimp My Widgets contest. Deadline is December 31, 2008.


Google announces Android Market and Android Challenge winners

,----[ Quote ]
| Later the same day, Chu announced the winners in the Android Developers
| Challenge. Out of 50 teams of finalists, ten were chosen to receive $275,000
| awards and another ten, $100,000 awards.

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