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Re: [News] 'Bandwidth Monopoly' Under Attack, Wants to Be Free/Open

Phil Da Lick! <phil_the_lick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Mark Kent wrote:
>> do you think you should pay more for a packet
>> which has gone around the world 1/2 way, compared to one which only went
>> a few kilometres?
> That's the most ridiculous question I've seen asked in this group.

Perhaps you don't know how ISPs pay each other for bandwidth.

They use essentially the same system as the telcos do for telephone
calls between operators, they balance the traffic, and then charge for
the remainder after the balance is calculated.

If your packets cross multiple networks, then you are affecting the
balance payments of multiple operators.

If you go around the world, then you are probably affecting many many

This problem is exacerbated by the singular fact that small ISPs almost
always have to pay out to bigger ones, since they almost certainly
source more traffic than they sink.

So, if you're a heavy user on a small ISP, you're, well, not going to be
all that popular.

So, my question is, in fact, quite valid.  I could rephrase it something
like "are you prepared to be charged in the same way that the ISPs are?"

But as you're always an end-point, not a transit operator, you'd be
unlikely to be able to balance your traffic.

Furthermore, on assymetric systems, there is a natural imbalance, too.

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