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The Real Gary M Stewart, in Case Someone Wants to Sue Him the Fish

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Hey Gary,

How are you feeling? Okay?

How's that flatfish?

Remember Merril Lynch and Smith Barney?

Many of you worked on those accounts.

You would often, like every day, get take out chicken from a truck which parked
in front of Smith Barney and devour it. The chicken, not the truck! The truck
was filthy and several people ended up getting very sick, never to eat there
again, but it didn't seem to affect you  at all. Your buddies used to joke
that a germ wouldn't stand a chance in your fat body.

How do I know? Someone told me.

"Seeing that you are still alive," he said "it seems we were better at
predicting the future than we thought. Gary was always one of those types of
people where the lightning bolts would strike all around him, destroy everyone
else but never singe him."

Sounds like a perfect recollection. Right, Gary?

Let's get more personal.

- --------
I Thought you might like to know a little about your uber troll Gary Stewart. I
used to work with him as a consultant to IBM back in the late seventies and at
that time he was one nasty person who would do anything to get ahead in the
company we worked for including selling his co-workers down the river when he
could get away with it. The company was really a sub-company of IBM but we
were billing IBM even though we effectively worked for IBM. Ultimately IBM
spun the company off as TSS (Technology Systems Services) and let most of us
go. I went to work for one of IBM's clients where I still work to this day
although retirement is looming assuming I don't get fired due to the awful

Gary ended up going to work for Amdahl in the early eighties and
finally was fired from that company under a cloud of suspicion.
It seems that computer telcom equipment was disappearing from the
customer shipping inventory and somehow being directed to fake address
he had set up. It was rumored that he was at the time running some
kind of online dating service with a BBS of some sorts. I was never
able to confirm this however I heard that Amdahl asked him to leave
quietly and they would not prosecute him. I don't know for sure what
he did though but the above is what we heard from the grape vine.

I lost track of Gary up until last year when I ran into a mutual
colleague at a convention and we started telling war stories and
Gary's name came up. As it turns out, his parents left him a small
fortune in real estate consisting of several run down tenements in NYC
as well as Camden N.J. which he rents out to social services recipients
for whatever the going rate is. He has them managed by property
agents, does only the minimum repairs on them and sits back and
watches the money roll in. From what I have been told he has become
very wealthy because of his real estate business. He was married at
one time and had 4 children which based on his approximate age are all
grown up by now.

Gary would be approaching 60 years old or so from what I know. My
former colleague heard that his wife left him due to his clandestine
anonymous homosexual encounters as a cross dresser. We all knew that
he liked to swing both ways and back then it was pre-AIDS so random
encounters like that were not life threatening like they are now. He
showed up at a Halloween party once dressed as Jane Mansfield
complete with fake breasts. He looked like a complete fool because he
is a big man towering tall at 6 feet 4 at least and quite overweight.
At some point during the party one of his fake breasts broke and the water
sprayed all over him. We didn't know if we should laugh or cry but the company
had a policy of not gossiping about what went on a parties so it was forgotten
at least at work.

Last my colleague heard, Gary was living somewhere in Massachusetts
near Hyannis Port but I took a look online and don't see him listed in
the phone directory for that area.  Honestly I am surprised he is still alive
because he was always in very bad health due to his obesity. Gary weighed in
at 300 lbs easily when I last saw him. I'm a poor judge of weight and age but
he barely fit through the elevator doors that's how large he was. That is all
I know about Gary Stewart except what I have read on Google which is where I
saw your name as well. You may or may not know all this information already
but I just thought you might not realize that he is a very sick individual.


- --------


No, thank you.
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