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Re: The Real Gary M Stewart, in Case Someone Wants to Sue Him the Fish

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> I Thought you might like to know a little about your uber
> troll Gary Stewart. I used to work with him as a consultant to
> IBM back in the late seventies and at that time he was one
> nasty person who would do anything to get ahead in the company
> we worked for including selling his co-workers down the river
> when he could get away with it.

Yes, I gathered that just as he expresses himself here in COLA,
so he is in real life (nasty).  One does not gather good fruit
(character) from a bad tree.

> The company was really a sub-company of IBM but we were
> billing IBM even though we effectively worked for IBM.
> Ultimately IBM spun the company off as TSS (Technology Systems
> Services) and let most of us go. I went to work for one of
> IBM's clients where I still work to this day although
> retirement is looming assuming I don't get fired due to the
> awful economy.
> Gary ended up going to work for Amdahl in the early eighties
> and finally was fired from that company under a cloud of
> suspicion.
> [...]
> Gary would be approaching 60 years old or so from what I know.
> My former colleague heard that his wife left him due to his
> clandestine anonymous homosexual encounters as a cross
> dresser.

Which would explain why he has openly libelled you Roy, with his
gender transformation lie and has falsely accused me of
homosexual behaviour.

> We all knew that he liked to swing both ways and back then it
> was pre-AIDS so random encounters like that were not life
> threatening like they are now. He showed up at a Halloween
> party once dressed as Jane Mansfield complete with fake
> breasts. He looked like a complete fool because he is a big
> man towering tall at 6 feet 4 at least and quite overweight. 
> At some point during the party one of his fake breasts broke
> and the water sprayed all over him. We didn't know if we
> should laugh or cry but the company had a policy of not
> gossiping about what went on a parties so it was forgotten at
> least at work.
> Last my colleague heard, Gary was living somewhere in
> Massachusetts near Hyannis Port but I took a look online and
> don't see him listed in the phone directory for that area.
> Honestly I am surprised he is still alive because he was
> always in very bad health due to his obesity. Gary weighed in 
> at 300 lbs easily when I last saw him. I'm a poor judge of
> weight and age but he barely fit through the elevator doors
> that's how large he was.

Which not surprisingly Erik Funkenbusch came to his open defence
of Gary, trying to FUD your post here with a height/weight
argument, when such information was given as casual
observation, only a guess.

> That is all I know about Gary Stewart except what I have read
> on Google which is where I saw your name as well. You may or
> may not know all this information already but I just thought
> you might not realize that he is a very sick individual.

Yes, that is an understatement.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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