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[News] Patents Keep Dying in the US, Interview with Mark Webbink

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The Supreme Court and Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| As I noted at the time it was decided, people care about Bilski largely 
| because of what it says about legality of software patents. Software patents 
| are intensely controversial, with many geeks arguing that the software 
| industry would be better off without them. What I found striking about the 
| conversation was that both guests (and perhaps the host, although he didn't 
| tip his hand as much) took it as self-evident that there needed to be patents 
| on software and business methods      


Finnegan Files Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in U.S. Supreme Court in
Bilski Case


Bilski at the Supreme Court


Seven Questions with Post-Issue Peer to Patent Project Director Mark Webbink

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) opened the 
| patent examination process for online public participation. With the consent 
| of the inventor, the Peer-to-Patent: Community Patent Review pilot, developed 
| by the New York Law School Institute for Information Law and Policy in 
| cooperation with the USPTO, enables the public to submit prior art and 
| commentary relevant to the claims of pending patent applications in Computer 
| Architecture, Software, and Information Security (TC2100).      



Mark Webbink On: Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| This week Mark Webbink, former Red Hat General Counsel discusses software 
| patents, their absurdity and the business climate and “judicial activism” 
| that helped create them.  


Draft European Interoperability Framework v 2.0: Your comments needed

,----[ Quote ]
| In my opinion, it is very important that Europeans who are interested in open
| standards and interoperability look at, comment, and, if appropriate, express
| their support for this draft or portions thereof.
| Through the grapevine I have heard that the usual suspects who oppose open
| standards and support the “buy all your products from a single vendor and use
| the specifications they dictate” philosophy of interoperability plan to come
| out against portions of this draft.
| Do not let their voices drown out yours if this is important to you. You have
| a little bit more than two months in which to comment. Encourage others to do
| so as well.


Peer to Patent Project Extended and Expanded - Mark Webbink Exec. Dir. of New

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm very happy to tell you that it's just been announced that the
| Peer-to-Patent project, which is a cooperative project between New York Law
| School and the USPTO, has been extended after the first year's trial. It's
| also been expanded to include business methods patents! Yum. I can't wait to
| see you try to invalidate some of those.


Patent Sanity
By Mark H. Webbink

,----[ Quote ]
| For years, many in the software industry have expressed concern over software 
| and business method patents and the patent system.  

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