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[News] Free Software/Open Source Used at High Scale

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Open Source NG Databases (mailing list summary)

,----[ Quote ]
| There are plenty of new databases coming out, aiming to tackle the massively 
| scalable domain that Google's BigTable pioneered. On the Radar mailing list, 
| Jesse pointed out Cassandra (Facebook's offering) and Mike Loukides countered 
| with Hypertable, asking "We're sort of being overrun with BigTable-style 
| databases; I wonder what's going to win?". (Artur observed, "Cassandra is 
| less like BigTable and more like a distributed column store with autocreating 
| and searching in column namespace, but lacks a lot of indexing needed for 
| BigTable.")       


Building Automation Sustainability

,----[ Quote ]
| Reinvention of our Building Automation “BA” Industry is necessary not because 
| we want to, but because we have to. The present financial times are rapidly 
| redefining what is sustainable and what is not and Building Automation in its 
| present form is not. BA is not achieving anywhere close to its potential. 
| Typical heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are 50% efficient 
| compared to fully integrated systems.  Source:  U.S. Green Building Council, 
| Cisco Systems, The Hartman Co.      



Introducing Hypertable - a new open source database project

,----[ Quote ]
| Hypertable is an open source (GPLv2) implementation of Google’s Bigtable, an 
| internally-deployed database that serves the company’s web indexing, Google 
| Earth and Google Finance services. According to Judd, the best way to think 
| about Hypertable is as a traditional database, but one that trades advanced 
| features like transactional capabilities for scalability: specifically 
| thousands of commodity PCs.     

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