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[News] More Free Software in Routers

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Sputnik Announces Sputnik-Powered Version of the NETGEAR Open Source Wireless-G
Router WGR614L

,----[ Quote ]
| Sputnik(R), a leading provider of software for venue-branded, 
| access-controlled Wi-Fi networks, announced SputnikNet support for the 
| NETGEAR Open Source Wireless-G Router WRG614L.  


Cisco Opens Up To Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Networking and telecom hardware giant Cisco Systems is now squarely aiming 
| its product line at the Asterisk PBX market segment and other open-source 
| products, apparently ending a long-standing unspoken strategy of exclusive 
| support for proprietary telecommunications systems.   
| Cisco officials now openly say support for standards used in open source 
| communications software — such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) — is 
| a good business strategy for the company.  
| Asterisk, the popular open source package developed by Hunstville, AL-based 
| Digium, Inc., for example, now owns more than 15 percent of the North 
| American PBX market, concentrated in the SMB end, but making inroads with 
| enterprise too. Perhaps it’s only a coincidence, but in the wake of Nortel’s 
| collapse, Yahoo has decided to embrace open source and is working with Digium 
| to deploy Asterisk throughout Yahoo’s global communications net, using Cisco 
| SIP end points on the desktop.      



Vyatta gives Nortel the half-Nelson

,----[ Quote ]
| Vyatta vice president of market and strategy Dave Roberts administered
| the “ha” on his blog, Opensourcejuicer:
|     It was very clear when I was there that anybody who wanted a long term
|     career in Nortel had to be associated with the carrier group, preferably
|     an optical product line. That was where all the momentum was within the
|     company. If you were an employee working on other things (enterprise
|     products in my case), it was clear that you weren’t going to get any of
|     the investment, attention, or promotions. In contrast, the optical
|     management teams were masters of the universe.
| Now I want to turn that into an “ah-ha”.
| Nortel became dependent on phone companies, outfits like AT&T, Comcast and
| Verizon. After DWDM brought the benefits of Moore’s Law to fiber, these
| companies stopped buying. And they’re still not buying.

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