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[News] Sub-notebooks and Old PCs Empower GNU/Linux

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Keeping those old PCs (or netbooks) moving along

,----[ Quote ]
| Plenty of us have old PCs stuck in the corners of classrooms, machines we 
| just can’t afford to replace and whose owners just can’t do without. At the 
| same time, more and more of us are rolling out netbooks and inexpensive 
| hardware instead of investing in the latest and greatest “Vista-capable” 
| computers. My usual answer to this would be “Linux! Yay!”    
| But do we really need to install Xubuntu on a 7-year old computer when it’s 
| running just fine on Windows 98 or Windows 2000? Obviously, there are 
| security risks to running these dated operating systems, but oftentimes, it’s 
| more important for us just to keep people functional. Perhaps the machines 
| are only used for word processing or accessing specific applications with 
| minimal Internet access (if a computer only hits your student information 
| system and sits behind an adequate firewall, chances of a breach are pretty 
| low).       


Microsoft's self-inflicted obesity takes its toll.


New toy or new best friend?

,----[ Quote ]
| It also isn’t a speed demon, but so far with web
| browsing and using OpenOffice, I haven’t found myself
| waiting for anything. One thing to note is that I
| requested a Linux version of the netbook. It runs
| “Linpus Lite Linux”, a customized version of
| Fedora with a very useful dashboard for everyday applications.


2008 year in review: Netooks

,----[ Quote ]
| The launch of the netbook was also aided by the
| progression of Linux, allowing vendors to cut
| out the cost of the operating system as well
| as customise it to offer a very basic and simple to navigate
| interface.
| [...]
| It also seems that, although Linux was
| originally the operating system of choice for
| netbooks, the majority of customers are opting
| for Windows XP versions of the devices.


Larry Magid: Looking back on eventful year for tech

,----[ Quote ]
| Using Linux lowers the cost because the
| manufacturer doesn't have to pay Microsoft a
| royalty and it improves performance because
| it's typically faster and less resource-hungry than Windows.


$98 laptop from China - Industry changer?


HiVision miniNote Linux Laptop


$98 Linux Laptop - The HiVision miniNote


CTL vows $149 Atom, Linux-based desktop

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