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[News] Reasons to Boot Windows Junk and Embrace High-end GNU/Linux

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10 reasons to Switch Over to Linux from Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Free:  Linux is an open source project. As they say, it is free as in free 
| beer. All you need to install Linux is an Internet connection to download the 
| iso files and a CD where you can burn the iso. Compare this with Windows 
| which costs a lot!   
| 2. Linux distributions are COMPLETE: All the decent Linux distributions are 
| complete: they include almost all the applications like office applications, 
| pdf reader, web servers, compilers, etc. You don’t have to pay anything to 
| download and install these applications. Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice, which 
| is a perfect substitute for MS Office.    
| 3. Virus, Spyware, Adware ? None of these can affect a Linux based system. In 
| fact, you don’t even have to install an anti-virus software which bogs down 
| system performance in Windows.   


Windows is a toy.

Linux is a tool:

How to build a powerful distributed computer

,----[ Quote ]
| PC hardware is now so cheap that buying a couple of extra machines and wiring 
| them into the same computing pool could make a very cost-effective expansion. 
| This is what we are going to build, and we're going to use Ubuntu Linux to do 
| it. Linux can take cluster computing tasks like these in its stride, and you 
| don't need to fork out for a licence for every machine.    



25 killer Linux apps

,----[ Quote ]
| We all know that Linux is about choice.
| Everyone has the choice of what they use and how they use it, provided they
| have access to a tame hacker with suitable programming skills.
| A consequence of this is that there's a huge range of software out there. If
| there's a popular favourite for a given task, you can bet your bottom dollar
| there'll be at least one alternative. You've only to look at the package
| selection options in most distro installers to see just how many choices you
| can make before you even start using your distribution.
| Over the next few pages we'll highlight some of the choices available to you
| for some of the most common desktop tasks. There's no 'best' software here,
| for the simple reason that it's all the best.


Is the “killer app” argument dead?

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m feeling the influence that Firefox is having on standardizing the web
| browsing experience across Windows, Mac and Linux.


Forget Facebook. The Web's platform is Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| That user experience is starting to evolve beyond today's browsing
| experience. The most interesting topic discussed in our meeting was just how
| compelling Mozilla's Firefox will increasingly be as the platform for much
| that happens on the Web. Forget Facebook, MySpace, the iPhone, and other
| so-called platforms. Firefox could well prove to be the most disruptive Web
| platform on the market. Here's why.

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