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Re: What are Microsoft *really* good at ?

On Feb 2, 5:56 pm, ray <r...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Actually, I'm not so sure they'e very good at marketing - I think they're
> great at extortion.

They have publicly admitted, in court, to fraud, extortion, blackmail,
sabotage, and obstruction of justice, just before negotiating
settlements where the lawyers get $millions in cash, and the plaintiff
gets $millions worth of "Billy Bucks" - Microsoft licenses - for
computers that were previously running Linux.

Microsoft has demonstrated that CRIME DOES PAY!

Of course, many others have emulated the style, including
Bernie Maddof
Goldman Sachs
Country Wide Mortgage
Merril Lynch

And they are still looking at
Citi Bank
Bank of America
JP Morgan

And so many others with market caps that don't make them newsworthy.

The American corporate boardrooms are filled with Bill Gates wannabes
who have turned the market into a cesspool, and now they want the
United States taxpayers to fork over a $trillion in cash, no questions
asked, or they will collapse the American Economy?

Yes, George W Bush and Paulson should be charged with fraud, blackmail
and extortion as well.

Note that most of the companies above, including Microsoft, were big
ticket contributors to Bush and Republican campaigns for the last 8

Imagine going to you safety deposit box and finding out that your
jewelry, stocks, bonds, and the deed to your house had all been
replaced with IOU slips from a wino on skid row.

The Bill Gates model of business.

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