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Re: What are Microsoft *really* good at ?

On Feb 2, 5:41 pm, "amicus_curious" <A...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Terry Porter" <linu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:9sCdnVCGFPlZ9RrUnZ2dnUVZ_qjinZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Linux User: <sigh> Same old Microsoft, same old crappy OS...
> Microsoft:  Well, I may be slow, but I'm way ahead of YOU!!!  Chump.

I'd just like to know what kind of "gun" Microsoft is pointing at the
heads of the CEOs of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer, that make those
companies want to write "blank checks" that give Microsoft complete
power to turn their PCs into worthless commodities that have to be
sold at a LOSS of 5-20%.

I know what kind of "guns" Microsoft used against IBM, both during OS/
2 and during their efforts to put Linux on the desktops.  I've
described them in numerous posts.

All I can figure is that Microsoft is telling HP, Dell, Acer, and
Lenovo that if they don't buy a few million more licenses than the
number of computers they sell, and they don't preinstall Windows
exactly the way Microsoft wants them to, with no provision for even
running the Linux that is embedded in the mother-board, Microsoft will
demand $400 per machine for every machine shipped with Linux that ends
up running a "Pirated" version of Windows.

Pretty arrogant when you think about it.  Microsoft things Dell can
sell 20 million computers, demands that Dell purchase 30 million
licenses or pay a about twice as much for 20 million licenses, and
then demands that every machine be installed and configured with
Windows, only Windows, and nothing but Windows - even though they are
under a court settlement which demands that they NOT interfere with
any attempts to market or distribute preinstalled versions of Linux on
those same computers.

What's even more absurd is that Dell's sales were below Microsoft's
estimates, and they only sold 15 million PCs, which means that they
now have 15 million licenses from this year, and 15 million licenses
from last year, along with 10 million licenses from Pre-Vista XP days,
which means that they really don't NEED to buy any licenses from
Microsoft, they have more than they need.

But even funnier, is that most companies with 1000 or more employees
have to by 1200 licenses per 1200 employees, even if 1/2 of those
employees never use a computer in their job (warehouse, manufacturing,

So now, Microsoft has managed to get 2700 "licenses" (including
"upgrades") per 1000 computers, and they are bitching and demanding
$400 per copy for "pirated" versions installed on machines that were
shipped with Vista?

It must feel like "negotiating" with O.J. Simpson in Los Vegas.

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